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Highlight Videos - music vs no music

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Paul Lock, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. As per the title, was just wondering what opinions are on putting music on my highlight videos. I kinda fancy having it and would keep the game sounds audible too, but im worried that it can be distracting, and also more importantly infringe some copyright which ends up getting the video pulled.

    Any opinions?
  2. If the video is from inside the cockpit view, lose the music as listening to when people get on and off of the power is helpful. But if the video replay is out of car TV style highlights, then the benefits of listening to the engine is not important and adding music to the video is fine. That's my view, I am sure others will disagree with it though. LOL
  3. do commentary instead of music.... I'd love to hear someone other than myself going at it ;)

    if you want music, you're right to worry about copyright, these guys are pretty trigger happy when it comes to hunting down yt vids with unlicensed music.

    There's tons of copyright free music about if you want to add that though.
  4. I did plan to keep a balance so you can hear whats going on with the engine.

    As for commentary, i would love to, but im not too keen on speaking over - guess im a bit shy!
    Thats why i do the caps instead. Hmm, you got me thinking now...

    I had one of DJ mix videos removed over 20 secs of someones work - shambles so i dont want to get another one done.
  5. I also was thinking about commentary but my english is not as good s yours.... Maybe ill give it. Try next time
  6. Hey Piet I vote for the commentary
  7. sorry for the derail Paul but an epic idea just popped into my head: Dual commentaries!!
    I make my race edits as usual, but don't post 'em straight away and send it to one of you guys. We watch and comment at the same time, I record the voices with skype, overlay it on the race edit and voila! instant Brundle and DC action. :p

    Might help you guys to get into it if you have stage freight lol. I've done so many commentary on games it comes quite natural after a while.
  8. I tested the water with 3 minutes of music at the start of my brazil highlights and sure enough, YT muted all audio and informed me I was robbing off Sony - obviously lots of folks would love to rip music with F1 effects all over the top of it, and wouldnt actually hear a tune on YT while watching F1 and decide to buy it, thus earning Sony music. I really dont understand this rubbish!

    Its crazy that im mic shy, as I spent almost 10yrs rocking the mic to nightclubs full of people in my 20s!

    @Steve - I notice on YT there is an audio swap facility. Could you not up the video, then link up the commentary team via skype or whatever, we all make sure the video is fully buffered and hit play simultaneously - you record the effort, and then swap it as the audio on the original YT video. Maybe need to use Audacity to mix the commentary with the original game sounds.

    Just thinking about the most efficient way to do it rather than sending the videos around.
  9. well i like recording and editing, but i have stage freight, i like talking on Teamspeak / Ventrillo / Skype, but i do not like using my voice on things. :(

    you are a natural on commentary and your voice isn't annoying like other commentators on youtube. ( that's a big compliment ) hehe.
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    This is all sounding very cool. In car I do like to hear the engine and if that was still audible then some music would be good too. The commentary idea sounds great though :)
    Looking forward to whatever is put together!!
  11. I've made a few bike vids (RL), most of them too long for youtube, but they are initially for myself, & I have always put music on them. Anyway the feedback I've had is about 50/50 as to music or no music. Yet when I have watched other peoples bike vids, I usually can't stand the music they have put over them & would rather watch without the music.

    Most people it seems do want to hear the engine noise, the trouble with my bike vids is the wind noise drowns out the engine noise.

    Yet any that I've watched I've not wanted music on it. I just want the engine noise.

    As for copyright, whilst most stuff is indeed copyrighted, it seems to depend on who owns the copyright, some enforce it, some dont, some bands seem rather pleased that you are using their music, whilst others actively police it & will stop you, its purposes often affects their decision.

    A while back I made a RL F1 Vid. FOM objected big time & had my account banned claiming it was their vid (even tho it wasnt, filmed & edited entirely by me), anyway I ended up putting it on some private webspace that I had at the time, & while FOM kept hassling the website administrator (which just happened to be me) to take it down, the BBC gave permission for me to use The Chain on the vid, they didnt have a problem with it.

    I would say if you are making it mostly for yourself & you want music on it, then put music on it.

    (so tempting to put the link on for the F1 Vid, but the website runs out in March & I bet FOM keep an eye on this place)