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Released High Speed Ring V1.00

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Eric Tozer, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Hi
    I've just released my first ever track for rFactor - the High Speed Ring.
    You can get it here



    Based on the track from the great Playstation Game - Gran Turismo 4.
    This started out as a learning project & I wasn't intending to release it but that has since changed & here it is.
    It isn't an exact replica but I did my best try & capture the feel of the GT4 game within reasonable time constraints.

    Here is the Video.
    (apologies for the awful music)

    I have to send out a huge thankyou to Brendon Pywell (Piddy)
    for the excellent Bob's Track Builder program.

    Thanks also to
    - "Krunch" for the Skybox.
    - "Chub Pearson" for the "Old UK advertising" xpack.
    - "jay_p_666" for the "Great Britain" xpack.
    - Everyone at the Racedepartment forums
    & of course
    - ISI for rFactor



    PS: let me know what you think of my track (be kind)

    Some download links for you. :cool:

  2. Great stuff mate brings back the memories!
  3. Very nice work! and great craftsmanship. You do some amazing work and I can't believe after all your input to BTB that this is your first track!
  4. Its a lovely flowing layout, don't remember it from GT4 really but its great with an F1.

    Great job with the everything you did with track, looks fantastic. :thumb:
  5. Eric - the good reviews on rfactorcentral.com have got to be gratifying after the effort you put in!
  6. Thanks Emery.
    Yes the response on RFC has been way better than I expected.

    Stay tuned for a Reverse version.:)
  7. Just a thought, next time you could put your name somewhere on the track - like on the tunnel roof so if anyone does claim it is their track you can show that it isn't.
  8. That's bang out of order.
  9. No. ngba. That's bang out out of order. ;)
  10. nvm

  11. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Then why don't you comment on that!!
  12. This file is currently suspended (No Grip) as i filed a complaint against the download.
  13. Very, very nice track. Was always one of my favourites from GT2 and GT4. Will enjoy racing this track for a long time as you have deffinitely captured the feel of the GT4 version.

    Trial Mountain or maybe Deep Forest next? :D

    Edit: The version on rFactor Central is different to this track. It is his own work, not a ripoff.
  14. done. my spanish is not that good, so i use google to translated it.

    i also post to the site admin,but that could of been him,
    i let you see post once it comes up,if i can find it again that is/
  15. I can speak Spanish, I've just pointed him as pirate and sent a personal message.
  16. looks like the whole site full of pirated software.no only rfactor tracks from the same guy.but also gta iv hacks
  17. The "H S Ring" by the "Big Galar" is not a rip off of my track.
    I have been in email contact with this "Galar" & have have driven his track.
    It shares nothing with mine except the concept & name.

    No Grip have been in touch with me Hopefully they can clear this up quickly & get his track back online.

    As for the Taringa site, I have PM'd claudiocomputation but have not (surprisingly) received a reply.
    I tried to comment in his thread but to be honest could not find any way to do this. (not in Spanish anyway)
    I messaged the admin but have not heard from them or seen any action taken.
    Megaupload however were quick to take down his links after I reported them.

    I guess it's kind of amusing that you can give something away for free & someone still tries to steal it!

    I appreciate the support from you guys.
    But please, try to confirm any wrong doing before making a report.

  18. i did pm claudiocomputation, and i pm the admin, with the link you posted here to it, like you nothing was every returned.

    try google tools eric for translation software.

    it a lot better and word almost word perfected.maybe a few problems with the english words, spanish words don't have.i assume:)

    just recheck the link the admin may haved deleted it.

  19. Hello all ;)
    No, my version is not a rip-off - all completely my own work in 3dsMax.

    I was amazed when NoGrip suspended it, and sent them a pissy e-mail before looking at the facts here - soz to Frank @ NoGrip

    I'll post my version on RD asap (its available on RFC atm, and at NoGrip as soon as they sort this little problem)
    Looking at banger's last post, the spanish file has been deleted :D

    Hope this is the end
    (Please d/l my version and comment - its my 1st track and appreciate the feedback)

    Big G (Dave)
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