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High Pricedrops on XBOX360 !!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sven De Nys, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Microsoft (Belgium) has officially announced pricedrops for their XBOX360 consoles range.

    The XBOX360 Elite, with 120GB and HDMI connection, which focuses on the hardcore gamer gets a pricedrop of 80€, from 449€ to 369€.
    The XBOX360 (pro) which focuses on the mainstream market gets the same pricedrop, from 349€ to 269€.
    The XBOX360 Arcade which focuses on the arcade market, also gets the 80€ pricecut, making it from 279€ to 199€. This makes the XBOX360 Arcade the first Next-Gen console priced lower than 200€.

    [Source: 9lives]
  2. That's good news i hope the PS3 will follow, then i buy the PS3 :)
  3. i also

    I am looking for a console but i like the ps3 game (GT5, Nascar, ...)
  4. Well Sonyand Nintendo reacted on the message from Microschoft about their pricedrops. They both said they will not follow MS's lead YET.

    I can give you this info: Sony is almost finished with their upgrades of the PS3's hardware making some essential parts (Blu-ray driver, Cell chip, ...) smaller and less power consuming. All of this also means that the costs to produce the parts become lower, making a PS3 pricedrop kind of real :)