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Help with Unistalling/Installing New Game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kfrenzel, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi, everyone!
    My daughter mistakelnly deleted the F12010 directory from my Pc.
    I later tried to unistall via the DVD and failed.
    Tried to install a brand new game but the "INSTALL" option is disabled from the DVD.
    Is there any patch or cleaner I could use in order to be able to install it again?

  2. Have you tried the repair option from the DVD?
  3. Yes, I have.
    I tried to repair a couple of times, get the "sucess" message and then when I try to play it doesn`t start. I even tried to uninstall after having repaired, with no luck.
    It`s really annoying AND frustrating.

    Thanks ,anyways

  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Only way I can think to resolve this would be to edit the registry, but if you are not familiar with that you could easily mess up your entire system.

    One other option would be to try a system restore from a previously saved restore point. I am sure there are plenty of walkthroughs on microsoft's sites to detail how it is done.
  5. you could also try a program called "Revo Uninstaller", it's got a hunter mode, if you have any files left from the game it'll find them and uninstall them as well and clear any registry data as well. It's a free program as well. I think this should help but I'd maybe try Jim's solution first.