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help with the creation of a FFB mode for f1-2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by ranger78, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. ranger78


    hi, im new here.
    i just created a mod for f1 2012 to fix ffb.
    i use a pc and a g27 and had no force feedback at all playing this game.

    what i did was simple.
    i copied the forcefeedback effects file from f1-2011 to the 2012 folder, changed some values and it works now.
    its not optimised or perfect and i fear i have enabled the f1-2011 handling back to the game but ffb works for sure.
    i need help from experienced modders to look over my files and test it on thier pc if possible. with a g27 wheel as a preffred starting point i guess. i looked over my lap times with the new mod and they seem up to par with proffesional ai. but i might be too slow (or fast) or off completley with this mod and i don't want to release it as it is, so it can be used as a possible exploit.

    if anyone wished to help and is willing to take a look over my files and maybe try it for himself as well i will be very appriciated. this is my first modding experience so mistakes must have taken place while i did the modding.

    sorry for my bad english.