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Help with showing Track Map

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by JoelGL, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Hi, just recently got rF2 and noticed it had no track maps. I downloaded Track Map plugin, but it doesn't appear (ex. Malaysia), though I see the files under the Plugin->Trackmap->Tracks folder. Is there a key I have to press to activate it? Doesn't work with Num 0 too. Was thinking then it should show up automatically, but even after a couple of laps, it still doesn't show up.
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  2. Hi, u need to record the lap. When u open the menu from track map, look at the bottom. There is a line something like "record trackmap" or something like this.
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  3. Thanks @Ray Lexes. Sorry for the noob question, still familiarizing w/ the interface. But how do you open the menu 'from track map'... as I don't even see TrackMap. Is there a key I need to set/press to activate it?
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  4. With TrackMap you should find a pdf user guide at "rF2/Plugins/TrackMap/Docs". Try taking a look at that first.
  5. "alt + space" to open it :) to move through the menu use the arrow keys. Go on track, drive the inlap and than press "alt + space" and than record the lap for the track map (it start's recording when u going over the start line)
  6. Pressing 'alt-space' does nothing, though the car status appears, w/c I believe is because of the 'space' key. No matter what key, no map. :(
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  7. Instead of recording the map from within the game you can add a new map using the "real" track information. Here's how.
    Out of game
    1) Using Mas2.exe utility stored in rFactor2\Support\Tools\ folder,
    2) Extract All GDBs and AIWs from Track files stored in rFactor2\Installed\Locations.
    3) Save GDBs and AIWs in rFactor2\Plugins\TrackMap\Tracks
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  8. Yeah, thanks guys. @Larry Thomas, I'm aware of that already, per instructions. Done many maps already, still no map appears. Actually already tried working on it w/ fazerbox but we still can't get it to appear. He checked my installation and it appeared fine. He then thought it was because I had 2 monitors (w/c he hasn't tested yet), but even unplugging 1 still didn't solve it. Guess I'll just have to go w/o maps. It would have been nice to have his app, as map plugins work w/ my other sims including rF1.

    Thanks anyhow.
  9. jimortality


    Mine doesn't work either but I can see it's installed in the plugin menu in game but alt-space = zilch baby