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Help with multiplayer (PC)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Sebastien Lienardy, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hy huys,

    Sry for my english.

    i have a big problem with my connection in online mods.

    I receive a message : XXXX as leave the game after i loses my connection.

    help me please
  2. didnt get you.. maybe u can explain a little bit more
  3. Are you using mods that would give you an unfair advantage in a multiplayer game?

    Have you tried online without any mods installed?
  4. Ok guys,

    i use these modes :

    -Here It Is Truelights Weather Ultra Dx11

    -Better Skies

    - AI_120

    - Perfect Cockpit Mod V.7

    - F1 2010 Enhanced Audio V1.0 (Updated)

    - Pirelli Zero

    - I reinstalled my game without modes to try online.

    Thx guy's
  5. Same problem online without the mods?
  6. I have to try ;)
  7. I have a very similar problem. I've got the following installed and I'm now getting the same message when going from the lobby to the race:
    [RDDev] TrueAI Mod 1.4
    [RDDev] Gl4dLights Weather V12
    [RDDev] Realistic Cameras
    [RDDev] Save Error Patch 1.01 FIX

    Personally, I'm thinking it's the AI update. I'm going to try putting that back to the original before my next online race. Any thoughts?
  8. I have the problem without the AI update
  9. AI supposedly hampers your multiplayer.. so try without AI Mod
  10. Have been playing around with my mods and found the perfect cockpit v.7 makes my mulitplayer game crash when its showing the grid before a race, usually on the 3rd car. I dont have connection or lobby problems, the whole game crashes back to windows.
    Change the camera files back to original and it works fine.

    I spoke to the dev about this and unfortunatley he doesnt play online, so was unaware of the issue.
  11. Have you tried running a time trial quickly when you first start the game? Fixed the problem for me. It's almost like the game is looking for a camera that isnt there and crashes. Once you've run a TT the problem goes away (for me)
  12. I think it might be your true skies mod. Anything that alters the tracks will prevent you from playing online.
  13. Maybe not Mark I use True Light's and it work's online !