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Help with Modding?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by MotorsportBoy97, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Hi, I have been playing rFactor for quite a few years now but I've never made a mod. The reason for that is because i have never fully understood all the file types and how to construct the mod. I am aware you need the files to be GMT and thats about it. I was wandering if there was anything out there that could help me to construct a mod, sort of like a beginners guide?
    Sorry if i am repeating myself but i would preferably like a list of the files, what they are for and how i can use that file (If that makes sense).
    Thanks in advance.
  2. just thought i would add, the most i have achieved is modifying the nose of a 2014 ferrari and putting it into the mod.
  3. The good news is, there is lots of information about modding available for rFactor. The bad news is, it is not conveniently organised in one place, so you need to go out and look for it.

    Probably the first choice you need to make is: do you want to create a car or a track? Both typically take many months, so be prepared for that.

    The first resource you need to visit is the rFactor Developer's Corner, where you can download some basic tools and documentation to get you started: http://rfactor.net/web/rf1/devcorner/

    You need at least the "mod development tool pack" that also contains some information about how all the different file types work for creating a car. On the same site, there is also a file about getting started with a track.

    None of these assume that you still need to learn how to do 3D modelling, so if you do, that is probably the very first thing to start with now. To get 3D models into rFactor, ISI only supports plugins for 3D Studio Max (the plugins for specific versions can be downloaded on that same page). 3D Studio Max is not free, so you need to buy a license. Tutorials on modelling cars and tracks are available and do not necessarily need to be written specifically for rFactor.

    For the rest, Google is your friend. There are many sites and forums with information (unfortunately, here at RD there does not seem to be an rFactor 1 specific modding forum, but there is one for rFactor 2) and again a good starting point probably is ISI's own forum about modding: http://isiforums.net/f/forumdisplay.php/25-rFactor-1-Modding

    Hope this helps... :)
  4. Hi, thanks, this helped a lot. I have some of those tools anyway and i was wanting to make a car ,od. I started to get my blueprint into 3DS Max yesterday (I already had the program as i saw a few tutorials from the internet) Thanks again for the reply