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Help with Logitech G27 wheel rotation in iracing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by werst59, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. I appreciate you viewing this post, I need some help with setup of my G27 use in iracing.

    I'm just getting started in iracing (Finding it a blast so far!), but I'm having a problem with my wheel rotation, just seems like I have to turn the wheel to much?

    Would someone please tell me what they have their wheel rotation set at for best wheel performance in iracing. In addition, any other G27 wheel setup information that you would consider helpful would be appreciated also.

    Thank you in advance for any knowledgeable response to this post.

  2. Have you run the wheel calibration in iRacing? It will ask you to turn your wheel 90 degrees and then sets the maximum value based on that... On my DFGT it gets set as 860 rather than 900.
  3. Profiler:
    100% FFB
    Rest at 0%

    FFB is per car. Usually 7 to 15.
    Linear ON
    Min Force at 13.6%
    No damping.
  4. there is a little piece of software which tests your wheel with regards to force feedback strength. run your wheel though it, then click linear under ffb and set min. strength to the number that program provided you with (for my g27 it's 13.2). makes a world of difference. dunno where to find that programme, though, web search should yield it quickly enough, though. oh, yes, the actual ffb strength is up to testing. also always take different settings for each car, it pays off.
  5. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC Premium

    Link to app/program would be great thanks. I think that I need to fix my FFB
  6. tried to find it yesterday but couldnt, it's about 24 months since i used it, maybe it isn't even available for newer builds, dunno. look under "min force", i just checked the last pages of entries but did no in-depth search. sorry.
  7. I've got the DFGT and set it to 900deg rotation in the logitech profiler.
    Once you calibrate in-game the wheels rotation should match the games.