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Help With How To Do Transparency !

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by BaRkEr_55, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Hey, Been looking around and i cant find a guide on doing transparencey in textures, would someone please point me in the right direction been looking for a while now !. Many thanks
  2. It depends on what graphics program you're using. In Gimp it's very easy*: use the eraser on the lowest layer to create transparent areas. Save as dds, setting compression to DXT5. Gimp require a dds plugin, which you can find on google.

    *Making it look good is the hard part
  3. I use Photoshop i have the dds plugin and its CS3 do u do the same as gimp in this ?
  4. U've to create an alpha channel in the canals option, which white color means what you see and black what u don't see.
    Create it in the canals of the file, creating a new layer, it will name "alpha" for default, create ur color zones and then, save it as dx5 .dds.

    Then u can use it importing on BTB or 3dsimed.... any u're using.

    Malla1..jpg Malla1t..jpg Malla1t_alpha..jpg
    Difuse map Alpha map Alpha channel

    Hope to help!

  5. brumster100 did 3 videos which cover making transparent textures in Photoshop then importing them to BTB which are very helpful:

    They're well worth a look :)
  6. There's a nice tutorial on using alpha channels in Gimp on YouTube. I got used too much to Photoshop, then Gimp seemed to me little strange ;)
    Unfortunately my PS doesn't see dds plugin, but I use DDS Converter 2, which reads psd files with transparency. Strange, but when I add alpha channel to psd file, that Converter doesn't work to cooperate. I found a way for half-transparent images then - save them as .tga with alpha and DDS Converter is happy :)
  7. :) err, it was for Photoshop, sorry :) But for Gimp it's also easy to find tutorials on the Web.