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Help with .HDV handbrake settings?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by vmagics, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. There are a lot of rFactor mods which aren't made with a handbrake, which is perfectly understandable in most cases. However, just for my own childish 'offline' amusement I'd like to add some handbrake ability to, among others - some muscle cars (Starsky & Hutch anyone?:dance2:). Anyway, I found these settings in some .HDV files:-

    HandbrakePressRange=(0.75, 0.0, 1)

    I worked out that the '0.75' mentioned above equates to 75% handbrake pressure (which is non-adjustable from within the game). But I'd like to find out what the other settings do and hopefully change the handbrake pressure in the setup screen. If anybody could help or point me towards a guide of some sort I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. First value: base value.
    Second value: value of the step.
    Third value: Number of steps.
    Second line: step used in default set up.
  3. A-ha! Thank you so much Maug, it now makes much more sense.
  4. Np, i'm glad it helped you. It works the same way for each parameter using that structure too(well it should).
  5. So it does! Infact, to further my childish, handbrake shenanigans (just as an experiment) I worked out how to get negative values on the front wing of the BMW Sauber. I spent about 30-40 seconds pulling wheelies until I got bored and put it back the way it was. Just to make things clear, this is absolutely NOT how I usually spend my time with rFactor, I was just letting off some steam and learning a bit about modding. Albeit in a rather non productive way.