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Help with an AI issue?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ryan Hieronymus, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I've got a bit of a problem here. I'm racing at 100% distance, and AI on legend with the AI improvement hosted at racedepartment; I have also deleted the catchup file. I was just racing in Melbourne and noticed that my teammate Buemi was pulling away from me at a rate of anywhere between 2 to 5 seconds per lap, he was about 30 seconds ahead when I took note of this. As this is happening I notice that the lead car is catching me, slowly but surely. Vettle passes me as I make a mistake, but I am able to follow his line and actually hang with him, in my STR. Meanwhile, Buemi is still pulling away from me at the same rate as before.

    How is it that Buemi is pulling out 2 seconds per lap on me while I am keeping pace with the race leaders? And for that matter, As buemi came out of the pits he was about 4 seconds ahead, pulling on me about .3 seconds per lap. Seems fair enough, maybe he's just faster than I am. But I made a mistake a few laps later, giving him a substantial lead over me, and all of a sudden he's lapping at least 2 seconds per lap faster than I am. What gives?
  2. Any help at all?

    I just finished a race at China (100% length), and had something similar happen. I had about 20 laps to go, when I was passed by Liuzzi, (me in an str) he pulled away from me to 11 seconds after 2 laps! He got by after I made a mistake but before that he was lapping a consistant pace about 2 seconds back, so it's not like I was holding him up. Meanwhile Alonso had a consistant 25 second lead over me, so how is it that liuzzi is able to just blast off like that? Thanks for any advice. Btw this is with no catchup file.
  3. It's unfortunate that noone has responded, but probably because we already know the answer - the lap times are calculated. Cars not in your immediate view are calculated rather than simulated, although in the official pre-patch acknowledgement, the rep specifically stated that in the race mode, all AI are simulated, so this does not make sense.

    I can confirm though, as I was racing in melbourne, in wet. I started 22nd due to a magically doubled 5-place grid penalty (qual @ 12th). I was eating cars for breakfast, and passing one almost each lap - for some reason they slow down VERY hard turn 11&12 whereas most people can cut back to 5th, cruise through and get back on power since the exit is so wide. Unfortunately the way they hold the line, I often have to slow down and wait, or risk being penalized for illegal overtake!

    Anyhow, At lap 12 I pitted from 12th for slicks, not because the road looked dry, but because I knew from the last 20 times I had attempted the race, that everyone pitted between laps 9 and 10 and somehow came out with slicks, despite visible rainfall.. my laptimes were falling and I was losing my lead from the cars I had passed, so I came in, got primes, came out 17th and stayed there.

    Kovaleinen was ahead of me and due to a mistake, I lost him from view, after that, he was pulling away at an incredible 2+ sec/lap, and by now I was hitting low 1:31 to high 1:30 times. "In real life", he managed a 1:33 fastest lap, so by that math, I should have been lapping at 1:27 because evidently time runs faster in f1 2010!