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Help Needed for 270 degree wheel

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by GT1Spec, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. I have a problem with my wheel. It turns like crazy on me. I have set 270 degrees in game and that's fine. When I am driving though the problems start. If I let go of the wheel on a straight, it begins to oscillate left and right, getting worse with each oscillation and then the cars runs off the road by itself. If I even move the wheel by a tiny bit when going fast the car turns by miles more than the tiny input I give it, causing more off the road issues. I have set speed sensitivity to zero.
    Finally if I loose the back end it's impossible for me to catch it, even a slight input to correct, sends the car in the opposite direction instantly.

    I would really appreciate some help or understanding of what I should do
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    It would help if you mentioned which kind of wheel you are using.
  3. Thrustmaster RGT
  4. 270° of steering is way to less. Increase it to 900° in the AC options menu, that's a standard value a lot of drivers feel comfortable with and it mimics exactly the rotation of a wheel iRL.
    Just had a look, the RGT has physicaly 270° only.

    An increase in degrees of steering reduces the sensibility of the wheel and gives you a more precise steering feel as a result.

    The oscillation of the wheel while the car is going straight is a natural occurance, caused by the FFB. Hold the wheel firmly, or decrease the FFB gain in the AC options to limit said oscillation.

    Hope this helps :)
  5. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek

    I had the same issues with my Logitech MOMO. Two things that you can do.
    As George said you can reduce the FFB settings to reduce the oscillation, but it is a normal occurrence.
    To help with steering try turning up the speed sensitivity slightly. It doesn't take much so start with a very small amount and test it out to find what feels good to you. Unfortunately the sad truth is unless you have a wheel with at least 900 degrees of rotation, it will never feel truly correct.
  6. Thanks for the replies lads!
    I'll try these and hopefully it helps. Its a pain having to change settings at the minute. Load game to see if it works, then exit, change and start again! Hopefully they implement a way in the future to change the controls while on track.

    I bought a 270 degree wheel to see if I liked racing sims, but now i'm completely addicted, I will invest in a 900 degree wheel when I can afford a good one.

  7. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You will get even more addicted after a proper wheel :thumbsup:.
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  8. Setting Speed Sensitivity to just 0.05 has cured everything! im enjoying driving with confidence now, knowing a slight input won't send me off!
    Doesn't mean I can control the F40 though:unsure:
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  9. that would be fixed with practice
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  10. Im a bit confused about all this 900 degrees stuff, i use 270 for all my racing games, and just then set steering lock lower, 270 with a low steering lock is the same as 900 with a high steering lock, also f1 and nascar drivers only move there wheel a little, i use about 220 for f1 and nascar cars, i dont think any racing series in real life uses 900 degree do they ?, anyway use this for wheels with lower degree.

    Although these are not "scientific" values, the following values are a quick way to get the steering-lock better suited for such wheels:

    • For wheels with 180º of rotation*, try to use a value between "7" and "9".
    • For wheels with 240º or 270º of rotation, try to use a value between "10" and "12".
    • For wheels with 360º of rotation, try to use a value between "13" and "15".

      --------------and for wheels with adjustable rotation-----------------------------
    • If using 450º of rotation, try to use a value between "15" and "18".
    • If using 540º of rotation, try to use a value between "18" and "21".
    • If using 630º of rotation, try to use a value between "21" and "24".
    • If using 720º of rotation, try to use a value between "24" and "28".
    • If using 900º of rotation, just leave the steering lock as default (in P&G it's set for 900º).
  11. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    How much steering lock depends on the car you are driving and personal preference. The higher the rotation the more precise you can steer.
    And yes there are multiple cars in multiple sims that have very high rotations.
  12. Ah i see, i mainly drive Nascar and F1, but for gtl,gtr2 and race etc, i still use 270 and just lower steering lock in games, oh my wheel supports 900 thou, even when i had g25/g27 always put it straight down to 270.
  13. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    270 feels a lot easier, but once you get used to higher rotations you will get faster. In the start it feels akward, but it is worth it!
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  14. I will give it ago i think, cheers
  15. In rFactor, I set the steering lock to ~15. I don't see an option for that in Assetto Corsa, only the ability to set the wheel rotation.
  16. I've been practicing with the Lotus 49 for Imola '66, and I haven't been able to get below 1:35 yet, which I'm sure won't be competitive. Is anyone willing to share a good combination of steering parameters? Talkin' gamma, filter, and speed sensitivity... I'd guess that it would vary depending on what kind of controller one has; I have a Thomas Superwheel.
  17. No help there...
  18. I think your wheel doesn't have ffb? Is your wheel tsw720 or one of the wheels with less rotation (270/240degrees?).

    I'd turn off speed sensitivety (0) and make sure gamma is 1 (fully linear). Filter I don't know what it does.

    After that I'd start playing with the degrees of ration (under "main controls"). Put it to 500 and then go drive a car. If the wheel feels too sensitive use smaller number. If the wheel feels not sensitive enough (you need to turn the wheel too much in corners) use bigger value. Experiment until you find something that works for you.
  19. Turk


    Kunos recommend leaving the rotation at 900 (if your wheel supports it). I have all my steering pretty much at the default settings, I don't have any filtration or dampening. I'm trying to leave the FFB as raw as possible.

    It took me a while to get that achievement, it actually happened during a race. I think the tyres are slow to heat up, you can't switch them on with your outlap like you can with modern tyres so give yourself 10 laps or so to beat the achievement.