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Help!!How to built the pitlane?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by tayac, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Excuse me,how can i built the pitlane in btb?I had set the pit in&pit out timing gates like what they do in user manual and video.But when i test it in rf,it doesn't work.When i drive into pit,there is no speed limit,and i cant fix my car or add fuel.

    Who can tell me whats wrong with it?thx

  2. Hello Tayac,

    I believe this is because you don't haven't set up your AIW yet. Like your track is now, you still don't have a driveline in your pit. This means also no WP(waypoints) for your car to detect.
    If you want to test this quickly, why don't you pull your pitin and your pitout over the driveline of your racetrack, and see if this works.
  3. Thank u for your help,Chiplouiske!

    I'm a rookie,and I dont know about AIW,what does it do?Where can i learn it?

    I try to pull my pitin and pitout over the driveline of my racetrack,but it also doesn't work.I request pit on the track,my pit crew have been ready.but when i drive through the pitin timing gate,they disappeared.
    And when i park my car in front of my pit crew,they do nothing to my car.

    Does it mean i really need AIW?Can i set it in btb?
  4. Hello Tayac,

    the AIW is a file that needs to be setup after your track is fully finished.
    It contains the correct positions of your driveline, your start, pit and garagepositions, and of course the race bevavior of the AI cars as well.
    If you go to the official rFactor website, you'll find the neccesary files there.
    Download here the Waypoint and camera editing tools software here.
    there is a word-document included on how to use these tools.
    There exist also a video about creating the AIW, but I don't know anymore where I found this.
    I'll try to look it up later, but I hope that this will help you on your way for now.
  5. Hi there,

    There's a guide to doing the AIW using the rFactor AIW editor in the stickies at the top of the main page.

    When BTB v0.8 comes out you'll be able to do much if not all of it within BTB, certainly the pit lane. See the 'Update-AIW-Looking Pretty' thread.
  6. Yes indeed, Chub.
    The great advantage is going to be, that you can do your AIW for the game you like most. Like for instance, I don't like rFactor as must as I like GTR2 or GTR Evolution, but I need it, just to make my AIW file.

    So Tayac, perhaps by the time you have almost finished your track, version 0.8 of BTB is released, and you can make your AIW in there.
    But ofcourse you can still try to do the AIW on an existing track, but then don't forget to backup the existing AIW before doing this.:wink2:

    P.S. here is the link to the AIW video made by Madcowie, a very usefull video in my oppinion. http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=AIW Video Tutorial
  7. Thank u very much,chub and chiplouiske.:)

    All what u said is very usefull for me.I think i have to learn it first.