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Help converting Mazda 787B GTR2 to EVO

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Zoomer53, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. I am new to all of this and have tried to convert the GTR2 Mazda 787B to be used in GTR EVO using GEditor, but when it unpacks the .gtr files it comes up with errors. Still does the conversion, tho, and when it loads up in the game all is OK until I get to the drivers page, when I get a Crash To Desktop. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or is it just the corrupted .gmt file(MAZ787B_CHASSIS_A.GMT)?

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I am starting to pull out what's left of my hair!:laugh2:
  2. hI
    You need to use 3DsimeD to unpack GTR flies and to move gmt files from GTR2 to Race07
  3. Thanks! ...but car is too slow in GTR EVO!

    :victory:Thanks, Guys, I have figured out that I had to reduce the size of the texture that I mentioned, which I did in SimEd (after purchasing) and up came the car in the menus and it has loaded OK. I have even created Mazda logos for the menus, but can't get the car above 305km/h!

    Some friends of mine in Silverstone back in the late 80's developed the Charge car as the 767 (eventually 787B) and told me they had to change the aerodynamics to get it above 220 MPH down Mulsanne! I can't even get the model to anywhere near the eventual 240 MPH (386km/h) - does anyone know how to do this?
  4. Hi
    to inprove top speed you have to woprk on aerodynamics
    first reduce the wings to min
    second if it's not enougth, work on hdc file
    send it to me I will look in it if you want
    but i d'int think the 787b was up to 380km/h (it was the merc C11 with was more powerfull (830 cv for 700 to the mazda)
    So i think the mazda top speed was about 350 / 360 km/h
  5. Have produced 2 versions of 787B

    I have produced 2 versions of 787B - one is the Race version and the other is the 350km/h test version, which my friends must have been eluding to! As you are probably aware, the 26B engine initially produced 930BHP, but it was de-tuned to last the 24hrs of Le Mans (by my mate "Fearless Frank", Chief mechanic for the Charge team at Silverstone).

    Funnily enough, they had to change the aerodynamics on the real car (which I was lucky enough to get a close up look at) in order to make it go faster also!

    I am only now still having "fun" with getting the idle to sound right (at idle) - once above idle, you get the nice pop-pop sound of the rotary, but when it drops further - nothing:disapointed:

    Also can't yet get the wiper to work - but am trying to make sense of the instruction I downloaded about this - looks like some hex work!

    Thanks for all your suggestions so far, guys :highfive:

    Back to work!
  6. How to reduce the files? Because I like to convert some cars (own use), but when I put in the game the car didn't show and quit the game. I don't know how to make it.
  7. How to unpack & reduce files

    ...as Po911 said...

    You need to use 3DsimeD to unpack GTR flies and to move gmt files from GTR2 to Race07
    Po911 "

    Load the .gmt texture file into 3DSimed and edit the size...then save...
  8. Hey Zoomer, How far are you into making this mod? I love the 787B, One heck of an amazing car. Any chance of some screen shots even?

    Thanks ^-^
  9. GTREvo Screenshot

    Hi Cipher,

    Have been really slack - just can't get the sounds right - idle stops at idle! Idle sound works just above idle, but not at idle (whtever idle I set in eng file :-(

    I have produced 2 versions the test car has the original 930BHP and will do around 350KMH and the de-tuned 24hr version produces 703BHP and will do over 300KMH (with some aerodynamic enhancements as suggested)

    Anyway here is ascreenshot going through a slow turn at Le Mans...

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  10. HI
    Well It looks very good
    I hope we will be able to drive it soon
  11. Very cool stuff ... this would have to be one of my favourite prototype cars from that era after working exclusively on mazda rotary engines for a while in the early to mid 1990s and understanding just what them little rotary engines are capable of. Glad to see you have done the full version of the R26B engine variant that was just raw HP, that thing is a weapon of mass destruction :p
  12. Nearly There!

    Hi Po, I just have to ask scca1981 if it is OK to upload as the original conversion to GTR2 was all his work - all I have done is covert it from the GTR2 model (and modify the Charge car to create the 930BHP weapon - at 370kmh, it is indeed a scary device!)
  13. Mazda Racers

    Hi Jason,

    When I went to England in 1989, I was lucky enough to go to visit some mates at Silverstone and they showed me the predecessor - the Charge 767, partially clothed, but with the engine exposed so I could check it all out. I was going to be in the pit crew at Le Mans, which would have been unreal, but I could not stay, so they gave me the crew members shirt in orange with green and a gold embroidered "Charge-Challenge to Le Mans" on it!

    I was a member of the Mazda Club here in Sydney for some years and my own pride and joy was an orange RX2 coupe - now worth a small fortune, if you can find one!
  14. Great car, some feedback:

    At first I could find the car in-game, but after some searching I saw one in the GT Sport class. It really does not fit there, it's way to fast for that class.
    Where is the more powerful one?

    A hard crash into a wall seem to create no sound effect, although a light crash does.
    The other GT cars in the game have several crash sounds, maybe copy them?

    The LCD does not seem to work.

    Do you plan to do more work on it? IMO it deserves it's own class, maybe other cars can be added to its class later by you or other people.
    It handles well, fun and challenging to drive.

    Thanks for converting it :)
  15. Feedback

    If you unpack everything into the main program folder, you will find the cars in the following path: SimBin\GTR Evolution Offline\Addons\GTR Evolution\GameData\Teams\C-ERA.

    There should also be a class file SIM-CERA.gdb in the Gamedata folder, which defines the class for the cars(at the moment only the Mazda 787B).

    The menu items should come across into the UIData folder and I have created graphics for the menus there.

    The talent folder contains a C-ERA_class_1.rcd file which describes the drivers (& nationality etc).

    The sounds folder (also under Gamedata) contains the sounds for the car itself, as opposed to the generic sounds like crashing etc...

    Not sure about the sounds - will have to check that out - the .aud file should reference the game's defaults.

    The Motec didn't work in the GTR2 version either - I am looking into trying to fix. It is only version 0.9, so work is still in progress...

    Thanks for your feedback!
  16. Just note that the Steam version does not use an Addons folder. If you make an addons folder then it wont work. It's just Race07\Gamedata and so on.

    Just saying that in case it causes any trouble for anyone installing it.
  17. Very nice work so far, can't wait for an update :D
  18. Thanks for the tip, I will put that into the readme.

    Have managed to put the cars into the GT_PRO class by simply editing the line in the .incar file to read:
    At least this should be closer to the sort of performance.

    Am still trying to work out how to create a separate class "C-ERA" - have created the icons for the SimBin\GTR Evolution Offline\Addons\GTR Evolution\UiData\Menu\Textures_Mamba folder but can't get the buttons to show up on the class screen.

    If you are using Steam you will have to change this to the main UiData\Menu\Textures_Mamba folder when installing the Mazda car icons also.

    I have also got the MOTEC working (someone had mentioned this) by changing the settings in the .incar file also(which I have attached).

    Thanks for the help

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