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Help converting an object

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by avioni, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. i got this christmas tree lights from free model site. i converted to 3ds then xpacked it placed it on track in btb, but when i went to load track in game gave me error.

    can someone fix this for me and upload it thanks.

    here is the object.

    here is the object placed in BTB, but no work in game.

    if its possible to reduce the amount of polygons then its great , if not its also great.
    and thank you in advance.
  2. aa it works now never mind.

  3. max optimise modifier wont work well when there are multiple elements making up an object.. and attached together.. to get the most out of optimise you would have used it on each element before attaching (welding) the elements together, thats why your not getting good results with it.
    you could get it down even further ide say.. each cylinder you could only have 5 sides and no length cross sections. then apply diff material to the end cap face rather then creating another cylinder for the the bulb part.. the main pole again, a 5 sided cylinder will do, with no length cross sections.. u could make it the whole thing with a couple of 100 polys or less
  4. yup, i agree... i like to have some stuff high poly.. i guess it all depends on what it is. avioni sounded like he wanted to reduce is it as much as he could. But if his track is near completion and its still running smooth, then sure add a few high poly track cosmetics in, as much as you can get away with :p

    ive not heard of meshlab, ive heard mixed comments about blender, tho not tried it myself. Im sure there are tons of alternates to max for making game optimised things.
  5. I managed to open it with Sketchup 8 finally - it was something like a Component and such things does not work with xpacker. Then found more than 700 vertices and over 2600 faces (????), four materials... :D You guys must have trucks to carry your computers LOL
  6. Hi

    I dont want to do another topic, so I will add it here. I have a problem with convert my .skp model to xpack. I have checked tutorial but its too hard for me. Anyone wants to help me with it and convert it to xpack .zip? Its just one object, highway with one concrete texture.