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Helmet Rossi Laguna Seca 2005

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by jose46, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Here I leave the helmet Valentino Rossi use in Laguna Seca 2005. Thanks to Daimon for the 3D template of Photoshop. Includes miniature helmet in the motorhome. Hope you like. Rar unzip in the root of the game. Includes backup the original files.

    Updated 18/04/2012
    Fix problems helmet not wing and front grilles (thanks pmgl).

    -Link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21575094/Helmet+Valentino+Rossi+Laguna+2005.rar
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  2. This is Crazy.... NICE!
  3. Pretty cool, thanks
  4. That's awesome. Can we request helmets?
  5. better not, because this is quite simple and I have taken much to complete. I need to break from photoshop xddd
  6. in no time I said that rossi test McLaren, just the pictures are made ​​in the car because it's my favorite. Also the helmet in question not used for these tests. That helmet is employed in the 2008-2010 seasons.
  7. keep calm just a joke mate :))
  8. sorry, I can not talk with the **** google translator, im spanish. sorry for apparently altered
  9. Buen trabajo jose, muchas gracias, a ver si te vemos más por aquí y que sea activo!!
  10. Muchas gracias, da gusto hablar sin tener que traducir jajajajaja Hombre por tiempo no sera, pero es que el photoshop quema mucho jejeje un saludo
  11. Lo sé, por eso mismo te hablo en castellano, que a parte de ser mucho más cómodo, es como nos entederemos mejor jajaja. No he usado el photoshop, pero se como es y me lo imagino. Mucha suerte jose.
  12. Hola Jose! puedes hacer otros cascos de Rossi? siempre me ha gustado sus diseños

  13. ENGLISH....Por Favor gracias
  14. Ciao Marsala I just asked If jose46 can do another Rossi's helmets because I love the designs of his helmets on every single motogp races
  15. jose46, may I know how you change the visor strip for the cutscene where the driver gets into the cockpit before every session regardless of practice, quali or race? :D
  16. Spanish: Yo por mi los haria todos notlismah, lo que pasa que sus diseños son tan complicados....precisamente hice este porque no era excesivamente dificil. No te preocupes que si hago alguno mas lo colgare para que lo tengas, FORZA DUCATI e FORZA VALENTINO!!!
    English: I for one would make them all notlismah, what happens is that their designs are so complicated .... just did this because it was not too difficult. Do not worry if I do any more it will hang for what you have, FORZA DUCATI FORZA VALENTINO!!
  17. would have to edit some files. it would be best to tell me that car run, and I should modify these files
  18. mydriaz

    Premium Member

    I like very much Rossi so thanks a lot :)
  19. I meant, the files in particular, like which .pssg file to edit if I want to change Massa's visor strip for example?