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Skins HELMET PACK F1 1995 - FORMULA V12 Final


  1. Ulises Valido Gonzalez

    Ulises Valido Gonzalez
    Premium Member

    dont work!!copy and paste in the folder gamedata,vehicles and dont work
  2. Have u the car skins too, link ? Looks good.
  3. Ulises Valido Gonzalez

    Ulises Valido Gonzalez
    Premium Member

    sorry but i dont know installed,can you tell me where extactly i must put the folder?thanks
  4. You need the V12 Skin Pack that is in the GSCE mod forum.
  5. Hi, thanks for your helmets! I renamed them all (so installing is easier)and combined them with the cars skinpack from the GSCE downloads. I also created my own talentfiles. Now I have a nice 1995 mod. The only parts which are missing are the helmets of the simtek drivers (verstappen en schiatterella). Are you planning on making these?
  6. Sorry, but im stuck here. I have install many other skins for other cars, but this dont work. How to install these V12 skins exactly ? I download this helmet and the F_V12 skins from SCE mod section too. I install in the right folder (vehicles/v_12), but in the game is no car. There's no driver*.* file in the package ? Must i rename all driver files from original teams ? I try this too, but nothing happens, still no car in the game. I try the same procedure in SCE, same result. I dont know.

    Can anyone help ? Where is the error ?
  7. I have renamed all the files. So the car files and the helmet files. You also have to change the drivernames and teamnames by using a texteditor. Otherwise you still get the wrong names in game. After that i created talent files. It took me about an hour.
  8. his skins need updating, even when I changed the class in the .veh file I still got errors :(
  9. Hmmm... I have no problems with his skins. They look good in game.
  10. Hmmm, i already renamed all the files, but that's not enough. Can u give me your whole package pls ? I will try it and look how do u do that, to find the error. Would be nice.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
  11. I dont have permission so I am not allowed to upload the file. Only the talent files are my work, I just renamed the car and the helmet skins.

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
  12. I'v got it. U must edit the *.veh file. "Classes" and "GenString" lines was different... I love those things.

    Anyway. Nice skins, looks good. Thx.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
  13. Is it just to install in AMS? Or I need to change anything?
  14. U can copy all the V12 car skins and V12 helmet files into your vehicles/F_V12 folder (delete original team folders), but u must change 2 lines in the *.veh files to this, blue markers:

    DefaultLivery="Footwork Hart10.DDS"

    //Upgrades="F_V12_Upgrades.ini" // Vehicle upgrades information
    GenString=GLD // Used to generate GMT names in *.gen file
    Cameras=F_V12_Cams.cam // Defaults to cams.cfg in UserData directory
    HeadPhysics=F_V12_Headphysics.ini // Affects driver eyepoint only


    //////////////////////////TEAM HISTORY AND INFORMATION///////////////////////////////////////////

    Team="Footwork Hart"
    Driver="Taki Inoue"
    Description="F_V12: Taki Inoue #10"

    FullTeamName="Footwork Hart"

    Category="Formula V12"
  15. Thank you very much.