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Hello from a GT sim racing newbie and a question on telemetry software

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Stenne, May 12, 2015.

  1. Stenne


    Hi everybody
    I'm new to this forum and since about a month ago also to GT sim racing. However, I really do enjoy to spend my spare time (and more) with simulators on PC. I've been in to PC-simulation for many years. Flight simulation has always been there, starting with MS Flight Simulator in the days of 3½ inch floppy discs and VGA graphics through FSX and Prepare3D. I spent many years with Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix up to GP4 as well as with Colin Mc Rae Rally. My simming hours in the last three years has mostly been spent with Train Simulator 201X, a facinating simulator experience but in a totally different way than race simulation.

    I still though had the craving to go about with car sim racing again and take on where I left with GP4. I bought F1 201X and it was really fun to drive for a while but was'nt really what I was looking for in terms of race simulation to make me really happy. So, then I started to look into the world of GT sim racing, starting with Race 07/GTR Evo. And, wow! That was really what I was looking for with the kind of challenge I like in terms of learning the real world of racing as well as driving the simulator. So I know without doubt that's where I'll spend my time when it comes to PC-simulation the coming weeks, months and years.

    Well, enough of that. I promise I will keep myself much shorter in my upcoming postings. Now to my question for advice on a topic where I feel quite lost at the moment, namely software for data logging and analysis of saved telemetry data.

    I'm now using "Real Time Telemetry by DingoSEAD" for logging of data and saving to file. Now I'm planning to get a software to do the analysis of the saved data. I know there are some out there used by race simmers (Motec, Race Studio and others). So, could anyone give me some advice on or share experiences from use of these together with Race 07/GTR Evo. I'm not gonna start with the most advanced telemetry analysis so I'm not looking for the software with the most advanced features and functions, but rather a software that does the basics and a bit more. The level of compatibility of the software with the output from Real Time Telemetry without the need for to much tweaking is of course important.
    I'll be grateful for any advice you can give or experiences you can share.

    I've downloaded and installed "Race Manager" from simutils.dk but I never got it working locally on my PC. I can't find any guide or documentation on the use except for an YouTube video of an older and I presume outdated version. I do get the program running but can't find out how to import my saved files from Real Time Telemetry.
    Has anyone got this working? Any tip or advice is welcome.

    Does anyone have experience from or advice on other suitable software combinations for data logging and analysis to share?

    I'll be very grateful for any help
  2. Stenne


    Thanks mucho. :thumbsup: Looks interesting.

    I've eventually got Motec i2 Pro working for analysing recorded data both from Race07/Evo and rFactor2. But do you know if Motec Telemetry to show live data works with any sim?
  3. i can speak only for race/gtr. the motec plugin of those games just fills up a file which i could open with motec.
    i am not sure if the motec software can read live the file, during the game.
    xd & realtimetelemetry does not read the motec output, the read the shared memory and the memory of the game to get particular information like rev or tyre usage