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Heel and Toe Woes

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Eifion Evans, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I usually race F1 and GT type mods (all assists off) where I left foot brake and change gears with the flappy paddles.This obviously doesn't feel right with old school cars such as the DRM Revival or WTM mods so I've been learning heel and toe.

    After a week I'm getting used to it and get it right about 75% of the time but to be honest I never feel completely in control of the car under braking and downshifing :( When lapping alone on track I do ok but in race situations I'm all over the place, ploughing into the back of the AI in the braking zones and generally off the pace.

    Yesterday I moved the throttle pedal of my G27 closer to the brake pedal to help make it easier to reach and blip but my feet never feel comfortable. I use the side of my right foot rather than my heel to blip.

    Any tips would be much appreciated guys, feel like giving up and going back to the single seaters :(
  2. Alright, what I did was moving the clutch far left, the brake to the right and the throttle stayed centered...

    With that, try putting slippers or soft sole shoes, it's better than socks ! I also blip with the side of the foot, that's what should be done with a proper sport pedals set ;)

    Other than that it's just practice, practice and practice... Some learn it faster and some slower, take the time to get it right and don't rush it ;)

    Good luck :p
  3. Thanks for the tips William. Some days I get a great rhythm going and nail it everytime, thinking I've finally cracked it but the next day I'l be driving as though I'm wearing diving flippers lol

    I'l give slippers a try but I always worried I'd lose some feeling in the pedals if I wore them to race. I do think they might help me get a better purchase on the throttle whilst still maintaining brake pressure tho.

    I just need to keep practicing I suppose.
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  4. Here is a video from a friend who is a quick driver and very good at right foot braking.

  5. Oh yeah, it's really important to keep the most as possible the same pressure on the brakes when you blip ! Unless of course the braking zone makes you need to push harder or relax the brakes...

    (My bother is awful at it, always jerking the brake pedal when he blips)
  6. Geting the braking right is definately one of the hardest things with heel and toe. I've driven a manual car in real life for a long time so the gear changes aren't an issue but maintaining brake pressue whist juggling everything else is a real challenge, very rewarding too :)
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