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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by rsmithdrift, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Looks incredible with almost no fps hit... Do it. 8)

    BTW this is a screen shot with an older version of it enabled. Bloom effect and color correction properly implimented in a natural and realistic way.

  2. Come on!. What is a HDR Mod ENB???

    These mod names are ridiculous!

    Tim from ISI is exactly right when he had a bit of a go at this type of mod naming.
  3. The russian modder Boris Vorontsov is working on his ENB Series Mod for many years. This is developed for different engines in order to give engines for games(primarily good old games) a better optic transferation.

    Boris uses often new effects he inplement into games with his ENB stuff or he adds a mod for renderpath increasing up a notch, for example DirectX8 to DirectX9. To the new used effects count various blurfilter and SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) and Indirect Lightning - both techniques, that offer a better lighting and shading. Theres's reflexions and watereffects, too.
    HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and offers an even more realistic way to have graphical effects for Lighting and Shading in games. One of the first major titles was Half-Life 2 back in the day that addressed HDR support in a patch. Since then almost any title has worked with those stuff.

    Tim from ISI is probably not on boat with other graphic departments if he questions those namings which are fundamental nowadays.
    Shows that ISI isn't the forerunner regarding graphics as said before. Anyway aquiring some of those techniques for rF2 shows are increasing a lot in their development.
  4. Yes, but sadly I've found the only things that work in rfactor are bloom and colorcorrection and to a very minor extent reflections (but reflections not enough for it to be worth the 10fps it needs)..... :/ Still adds a nice effect and greatly improves the look of the game... but ISI's graphics engine doesn't allow for Motion blur or Shadow filtering or Water effects to be affective at all and motion blur especially would be a nice touch.. And my computer doesn't allow for SSAO or Depth of Feild to be utilized and are too much fps hit to be worth using for 99% of computers anyways.. RBR (the version of this ENB that this is based on) allows for Motion blur to work also but not reflections at all. lol.

    These ENBseries from Boris Vorontsov were originally created for GTA San Andreas and everything works properly in that game but it's cool that some of the effects work in other games as well.
  5. Updated to v3.1.... I added some contrast options and improved fps a tiny bit more. I won't be touching this agian for a long time if ever.

    Link updated on OP also
  6. The comment about Tim and mod naming has nothing to do with what you've now explained this mod to be. You've used the comment in the WRONG context!

    It was more ME saying the name used to describe this mod was none descriptive and meet nothing to the average user. Similar to some car mod naming.
  7. I have seen this on three different rFactor gaming forums now! And still have not seen one word in print referencing a "simple description" of what this is, what it does, and how to install the add-on. Am I to assume that there is a tutorial that comes with the mod download that explains the details of this add-on to rFactor and how to install this add-on? M1GHTY M4VS's post above does provide some insight as to what this is and what it is about, thank you for that. And I understand completely Doug62's post regarding the naming of mods and agree completely. It never hurts to be thorough in title and explanation when introducing an item that you want to distribute to the sim community and have it used by that community. jmho, Have a Great Day, Richard
  8. Anyone that's been gaming for the past year or two and is even slightly familiar with modding knows what the ENB series is. If you've been gaming for the past 5 years I sure as hell hope you would know what HDR is by now. The title of this mod explains EXACTLY what it is, I don't see why you're so set on complaining about it.
  9. That's a big assumption and it seams a arrogant one.
    Because you seam to be so well informed never make the assumption everyone is. IF the first post had been more forth coming with a far better explanation and/or description of what this mod or add-on was about we wouldn't be having this discussion.

    Still even now with M1GHTY M4VS's description the full aspect of this mod is vague at best. (Though I do appreciate your post) I'd still be reluctant to D/L this mod.

    I really don't think getting a more scripted entry from a new mod's release is to much to ask. Even some screenshots to show the difference wouldn't hurt.