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Hayosiko Kesselinperä Racing 27.11.2016, V1.3

Custom Hayosiko

  1. ajanhallinta submitted a new resource:

    Hayosiko Kesselinperä Racing - Custom Hayosiko

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  2. update this plz its not working on newest update (27.11)
  3. There is no sound on it is there any fix for this?
  4. Hello there!. I noticed the texture on rear right tyre is mirrored. Just for letting You know for the next update. ;) And hey, I guess You're the guy who wrote on some forum (perhaps in steam if I recall) that You managed to get Hayosiko exported and I believe imported as well... Please contact me, I might have use for this feature... ;)
  5. Please, needing an update again, ain't working on latest game version... And Yes, it ain't Your problem really that rr tire has texts mirrored, it seems to be on other cars too... Sorry and Thanks. :)