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Has anyone damaged the gearbox yet

Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by cpt_gandy, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. cpt_gandy

    Slower Than Time Premium

    As the title says has anyone managed to damage the gearbox on purpose, I can blow the engine with ease but i cant even do any damage to the gearbox as it seems there is no clutch/gearbox damage model so it allows to go into any gear on a H-pattern with out the need for a clutch. Clutch slippage has been modelled to a certain degree as a result there is no gear crunch sounds when you force the car in to gear that you would expect.

    Desperately trying to kill the gearbox :)
  2. Boneboys


    Seen and posted in a couple of Topics on PC2 Forums + Steam.
    I believe it's not working as should, otherwise not much of a sim if you can't grind your gears until they break.

    Oops, blew my first engine today,,,sorry :O_o:
  3. Adam#81


    Yes but that is the engine, not the gearbox breaking. I think the engine is very sensitive right now and is prone to fail even with very little damage %.