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Tracks Harris Park

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Stereo, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. If there was a thread for "what are you working on" I wouldn't have made a thread for this, as it's in quite early stages.

    I picked a loop downtown in the city I live in, and started making a circuit around it.
    I marked on the overhead view the intended course; so far I've modeled that and made placeholders for some of the buildings. It's around a 45 second 1km circuit in road cars. ~17m difference in elevation from top to bottom since it runs into the flood plain so it has some fairly steep curved corners.
    I'm not yet sure which direction it'll be run in - so I am planning to get enough surroundings done to test it both ways and probably upload to get some opinions. (direction it's intended to run determines where the details go, since you see different things more clearly)
    Some specifics are also still open to changes; eg. right now the parking lot in the middle is just an open space, but I could add barriers to force a specific route (it has light posts down the middle, but I might leave those out). And the street on the right has a raised median so I might close off the narrow side of it; there's also the option between the smooth curve and a right angled intersection that's not yet modeled. The smooth curve has more variety but it's essentially wide enough for a single car, whereas the alternate route makes the entire loop 2 lanes or more.


    The river runs along the bottom edge of the layout, the park along the river is named Harris Park, thus the circuit name.


    These blocks are an interesting mix of houses (mostly converted to businesses) and 10+ story buildings. There's also a large parking lot just above the layout / to be on the right of this image, that I'll probably use for the pits.
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  2. Sweet, I like these kind of projects :)
    Good luck!
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  3. [​IMG]

    Added a few side roads. And some more building placeholders. I'm expecting pits to be between the two roads in the top center.

    The buildings actually make quite a difference in driveability, it's easier to get a sense of scale & speed when there's stuff around.
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  4. Spent a few hours listening to podcasts and adding stuff to it today - more roads, plus more filling in the one main central block. Haven't actually spent a huge amount of time on it in the last month, just not really in the mood. Hoping to get the immediate surroundings all solid and then I'll do a video of how it looks driven.


    Just because of all the one way streets I'm leaning toward running it clockwise, on the other hand I can do a much nicer pit entry/exit counterclockwise. Still mostly just a question of which stuff gets detailed attention outside the actual circuit (since you'll see forward past the ends of the straights)
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  5. I'd say go for the best driveability. If that's CCW then so be it :) On race day it's closed off anyway, so it's not as if a Lorry is rushing towards you :D