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Handbrake and shift

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by sebasso, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Hello guys

    Its my first time here, and im a nobie on sim world to be honest.
    I have a T500rs and a handbrake that actually is a microsoft joystick with almost 10 years.
    it works but im looking for a serious thing.
    im not a rich person, so im hopping you guys help me doing the best choice for the best price.
    i have a i7 4790k
    16 gb ram
    nvidia geforce gtx 970.
    The main game that i play is Dirt Rally, and i want a handbrake and a shift that do the work for the game, but still be good for any other game.
    i saw the fanatec handbrake, but i don't even know if it works with thrustmaster equipment.

    what's your oppinion?

    Beste regards,

  2. RaceWasGood


    The Fanatec handbrake suits my needs for Dirt Rally. I have mine connected through the Fanatec pedals, but i think they sell a USB-adapter that lets you connect it as an independent USB-device as well. Check accessories for the handbrake at the Fanatec webshop. For a shifter you might want to check out the Thrustmaster TH8A or the Fanatec SQ. I have both and they're both good to go imo. The Fanatec is slightly bigger and heavier and feels a bit more sturdy. It also has the option to switch between sequential and h-pattern with the flick of a switch whereas the TH8A requires you to loosen 4 screws and replace the cover to change modes.
  3. PicoBp

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    Or check out the SHH 7R shifter, it's a really competitive option to the TH8A, and way cheaper than the Fanatec SQ.
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  4. SHH 7R shifter looks really nice.
    Fanatec is Fanatec, but its 200€ just for the shifter.
    About the handbrake, the Fanatec its th one that i have been scouting, if it works with t500 rs, probably will be my choice.

    if you have more ideas post it. im building my setup, advices are welcome.

    Best regards,

  5. As much as i love my Fanatec products, I cant with a strait face suggest the Handbrake. Sorry.
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  6. Shh just arrived the other day. I have to say much better than expected. I haven't used it yet but just feel wise I'd say the h shifting is going to be more enjoyable than the seq shifting. What can I say, purchased because cheap 2-1 solution and support 3d printing as a whole? Aritz has very good customer service.

    As I type this a friend is making me a dedicated h shifter...so. Grain of salt!
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  7. If you go for the shh consider getting an actual aluminum gear knob to use with it. The 3d knobs are a good solution but they don't feels great
  8. Derek speare posted a DIY build thread somewhere and lots have used it as a springboard to making their own. I'd probably go that route.

    Also there's a guy on eBay that does shifters and hand brakes. I think it's "dimsim"
  9. Wow. that's a beauty of a handbrake no question
    That looks way nicer than the DIY I suggested hahah

    I guess it depends where you are too/exchange rate

    I was super gung-ho about Heusinkveld stuff, but Having their ultimate pedals basically diy'd and the total cost so far seems reasonable. So now if it's me I'll go DIY if possible every time. I'm doing the same thing with their seq and brake essentially if the pedals work out for me.

    If I didn't have this experience I probably would have saved up and bought their bundle because they offer about 20% discount if you buy all at once!
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