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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I unfortunately had a massive failure on my PC and lost my whole C Drive last week. I am in the process of "rebuilding" my PC.

    Fortunately I run almost all my gaming off an external drive so most everything (Mods, Tracks, etc...) is ok.

    Now that I've reinstalled the basics I wanted to get some clarification on what to do now for BTB...

    1) The program itself was on my C drive including x packs and my projects. All have been lost (My mistake I know. I had next to nothing on my PC and always felt it was low risk... stupid).

    Anyhow- I checked my license on the BTB site yesterday morning. Am I entitled to a second download or do I have to buy a new one? If its the latter its worth it- just checking.

    2) I had exported my WIP track to GTR2 to test just before the crash.
    Is it possible to import that work back into BTB whenever I get #1 fixed?
    Would think the biggest issue would be that the track has xpack info that will no longer be in BTB (my personal xpacks specifically). Any advice?

    3) If #2 cannot be done easily what is the recommended way of not losing everything I've done to date and rebuilding?

    In short a public service announcement- if you haven't backed up your files in awhile do it. A hard lesson to learn that isn't worth it...
  2. Export gps data from simed using the aiw for the track, then import it into btb.
    Save the terrain/models/etc as 3ds and Use xpacker to import them as objects.
  3. 1. I would wait until V0.9 is released & all licences will be reset.

    2 & 3. No easy way I'm afraid.
    Is there any chance you can recover data from your old Hard Disk??

    As for backing up I recommend a USB key.
    They are really cheap now & reliable as far as I can tell.

    Good Luck.
  4. Thanks man. I guess I could wait until 0.9 is released.
    Any idea when that is due?

    In the meantime I do have the original KML still.
    That was saved. So it can be the basis for a new version of the track.

    And the export I sent to GTR2 was not packed so all the .dds for roadside signs, billboards, etc. can be made into a new xpack I guess....

    So maybe not all that bad. It took me 5 months to learn and build the track at the same time up to this point.

    With what I know now bet I can rebuild it in less than a month.
    Trying to remain positive.
  5. Thats the spirit! :D
  6. Just a thought.
    when you get your new machine running you should be able to run the demo for 2 weeks:)