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GTR Evolution Re-Installation Problem

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bo_GTRE, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. GTR Evolution Re-Installation Problem
    Bram - See full description of history & Re-Installation problem here:

    No one has responded with any solutions thus far. I get a Steam mini-dump (or two) every time I attempt to re-install GTR:E + Race07 ONline version from U.S. retail GTR:E (+ bundled Race07) DVD, and the installation+Activation FAILS. Attached is my most recent minidump.

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  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Splitted your post from the minidump thread. I get an error clicking your link. Could you briefly describe what happens. Maybe some techies here have a solution for you :thumb:
  3. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Woops, who told you to rename the .blob files? Sometimes it is an easy way to let Steam re-update your game by removing both files, but renaming them might give the mini dump issue (not sure).

    • Go to X:\Steam (X=your drive where steam is located)
    • Remove both AppUpdateStats.blob and ClientRegistry.blob
    • Close Steam -> Right click on the traybar right bottom of your screen and choose Exit
    • Boot Steam again
    • Fill in account name and password (make sure you have both when you do this!)
    • Steam will now check to see if you game needs updating certain parts
    Hopefully this will help, and if not please let us know what goes wrong so we can try something else. Good luck!
  4. This is the solution to most all Steam issues...
  5. Bram:

    Firstly, as Gunthar noted, renaming the ClientRegistry.blob file and re-launching Steam so that Steam will reload (upload to client) that file *is* a common recommendation at Steam forums to fix My Games lists. But I'm not sure about renaming the AppUpdateStats.blob file. In any case, I have tried using the original *.blob files but still does not work.

    Per your request, here is what I posted at RSC forum (and subsequently at Steam forum, neither have responses):

    I just tried again to re-install GTR Evo from DVD, that failed yet again exactly as I described above, and again produced the attached Mini-Dump file.

    Does this Mini-Dump file give any hints what might be wrong?

    Techies please step up, I want my GTR:E and Race07 to work again!!

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  6. Judging by this you have not uninstalled steam completely? (Or have you?) And have only tried reinstalling the actual games rather than the steam client?

    If you have not tried to completely uninstall steam before putting your DVD back in do so, then try again.

    Uninstall the games via Steam, and then uninstall Steam by going to:

    Start / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs / Steam / Uninstall.

    Run CCleanerand then do a reboot and try installing the games and steam client from your DVD’s.

    Sorry if you have already tried this and I have misunderstood you.
  7. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    You are still talking about renaming them, but you should remove them :) And i dont have an idea about mini dumps, i suck with computers. Can only type with 10 fingers, thats it :thumb:
  8. GTR Evo Re-Installation Still a Problem


    I have subsequently re-installed Steam (from the /Steam/ folder on my retail GTRE+Race07 DVD), but I still cannot re-install GTR-Evolution ONline version. I did not first remove existing Steam program (nor my other 10+ Steam-based games as you suggested) because I don't want to lose all my hard-fought progress in the games (e.g. Half-Life1, HL:Source, Half-Life2, HL2 Episodes 1 &2, HL2DM, CS:S, TF1, TF2, etc. I'm assuming I would all progress if I remove those game, and I might lose all progress if I remove only Steam program (I'm not sure I can remove Steam w/o removing all Steam-based games?), and then re-install Steam + GTRE + other 10+ games. Steam is working OK for those other games (altho occasionally Steam browser will show NO entries in My Games, My Media, and Tools - typically a reboot will fix that. Can you offer any ideas?

    @ Bram:
    I'm confused: if YOU can't interpret a Steam_xxx.mdmp file, why did you start the separate "Post Your Steam MiniDumps Here" thread at http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr-evolution/6566-post-your-minidumps-here.html. Do SimBin or Valve ever look at them, or is there anyone who can help solve a minidump problem?
  9. Still NO GO on GTR Evo Re-Installation Problem

    After a back & forth dialog with "Miles" at Valve in my Steam Problem Ticket, I'm still unable to re-install GTR Evo/ Race07 (online version). I'm hoping someone here can provide new suggestions.

    Maybe related, whenever I try playing HL2: Death Match (or TF2) online using my GTR Evo PC and Steam username/ password , I always get disconnected within minutes with a VAC Secured Server communication failure message. Frankly I don't know whats defeating the VAC communications (I've forwarded the usual Steam ports that I've used for many years, verified NIS2008 isn't blocking, etc., etc.) Perhaps whatever is causing that might also be preventing me from successfully re-installing GTR-E? Race07?

    Ideas/ suggestions anyone??