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GTR Evo runs very slow on my new computer

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by rx8driver007, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have a brand new HP Pavillion, it has 4MB of RAM, 500GB HD, 2.6GHz speed, and it still blinks a lot when i run the game.

    I have even lowered the detail and resolution as low as possible and it still slow.

    Anyone know of any configuration I may use to run the program?

    I am an avid racing game player, I am looking forward to racing you all at Nordschleife (and beating you too!!)

    Thanks for any help you could share!
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Lol, you wish :)

    What Graphics card do you use?
  3. Indeed, if its onboard graphics I'm afraid its a case of you need a new graphics card.
  4. Do you mean 4GB of RAM?!?!?

    If you have an AMD Dual core processor you need to either run the game on single core or download hte AMD dual core optimizer, I had similar problem and this driver fixed it for me....
  5. Yip, whats you graphics card?
  6. Thnaks for the help mate,

    i use an NVIDIA GeForce 6150e nForce 430

    Sounds pretty fancy, but does not yield the desired result
  7. That sounds reasonable, I will check it out!

    Thanks Man!
  8. That is a pretty mean system you got there!

    I will do a system upgrade see where it takes me

    Thanks man,
  9. Hey dude<

    it is an NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

    I am doing a system upgrade that should take care of this issue,

    i will keep you posted. . .let you'll follow me at the Schleife!

    Thanks man!
  10. ouch..yeah that's integrated graphics, nothing much you can do until you get a new card.
  11. Onboard "wow :0 " thats got to be painfull.. Get a card buddy :)
  12. It´s the graphic card.

    you will need to buy a new Graphic Card
  13. yip, anything above a 9600 or a 3780 will do the trick
  14. Hi, the problem must be the graphic card, if you want to buy a new one, i think a Nvidia 8600GT is also ok, i have this and GTR Evo works pretty well.
  15. Then go for the 8800GT, loads more power for maybe a few bucks more. But with these specs why not a newer series of cards? You got loads off choice and we can't see how much u can spend on it.
  16. I have the same computer by the sound of it, and my GTRe runs PERFECTLY on it :S where did you buy your from ?
  17. Het Matthew,

    I got it at compusa in Fort Lauderdale fl, it is running quite well in every other way, I think it may be loading way too many programs at the start, i am working on trimming some of the fat from the very start,

    Thanks for the feedback mate!
  18. It's the gaphics card. It's not really designed for gaming at mind. The rest of the system is strong but the graphics card is frankly rubbish.

    You would need to get a new one to enjoy gtr evo.
  19. rx8 isit an Nvidia Card ? Becaus in mine i have a Nvidia GT8600 512MB i think, i know its 512 thoe and it runs almost everygame perfectly! Hope you get it sorted!
  20. Matt, the guy has an ONBOARD graphics card, so thats why his is slow and yours isnt.