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GTR Evo In Game Setup Downloads Not Working

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Lee Downham, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. For over a week now I have not been able to connect in the file menu in Evo to the onling setups / downloads.
    I tried the ol' blob file deletion trick, and waiting a few days thinking it might just be a glitch that would sort itself out, but alas no.

    So ... anyone got this or know of a fix as I would kinda like it back some day :)
  2. Ask Simbin. The server must be down. It's been down for a while and I guess Simbin haven't done anything about it yet.
  3. Not sure about this Matt ... other people have been able to connect and download online setups in game when I have been online with them, yet still I canĀ“t see anything ... just get the "connecting - press F5 to reconnect (refresh?)" message :(
  4. Same here, I never saw this feature working on my computer... (bough GTR-E 3 weeks ago)
  5. it used to work ... till a recent steam update I think - since then, nowt :(
  6. Can i ask where do i find this feature anyway?

    And also another thing... why isnt worldranking server working? Its been more than a week now?! :(
  7. Same issue here.
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Please make a new thread for that, this discussion was about online setups :thumb:
  9. :D yeah ... wot da man said ... hijacking my thread indeed :p
  10. Sorry... i just thought it was the same problem... (server down)
  11. (was only pulling your leg mate, but it seems its a different problem, so maybe do as Bram says and start a different thread to get it fixed :wink2:)
  12. Same here and as i am so rubbish at setups i have to rely on this feature or its default every time:pissed-off:
  13. Ok thanks for the support...

    But still, where can i find this feature when its working? When on track or where? Thanks for reply to my silly question... Its just that i never so this option ;)
  14. OK... I found out where to download setups... mine is working normaly...
  15. Now you are premium mate you can also download (and upload!) RD setups from here

    (remember - you have to be a premium member to download RD setups - Bram will get on your case big time if you are not a premium and start asking why you can't see the aboved setups ... read the rules and proceed with caution :p)

  16. If youre thinking of me you dont have to worry... i already know.
    I guess ill just have to rely on my own setups ;)
  17. no I wasn't mate ... just making sure that I didn't start an onslought of "why can't I download setups from RD" threads :wink2:
  18. i find that if you try and choose a really common track + car, say curtiba + the wtcc bmw you might get summat. Tho it is pretty thin out there.
  19. Thanks dude ... but even when others on the same server are able to connect, download / upload and see setups, I basically can't, and get the "connecting - press f5 to refresh" message :sad:
  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Whahaha :laugh2: