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GT5 Spec 2.0 - Available Now!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Ross Garland, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Standard Cars now given simplified interior views

    The over 800 standard cars included in the game now feature simplified interior views. You can change your view using the SELECT button when racing.
    (Unlike the interior view of premium cars, the simplified interior view is shown in a dark silhouette, and the gauges used for the car will be standard in-game instruments.)

    New Opening Movie

    A new opening movie is now available from "Gran Turismo TV". When you download this movie, it will replace the current opening movie. The previous version will be viewable within Gran Turismo TV.

    Addition of the Weather Changeability menu

    On some tracks with weather changes, it is now possible for the user to set time and weather changes from the Quick Menu in both the Arcade Mode, and "Practice" section of GT Mode. In addition, you can make more detailed time and weather changes while editing in the Course Maker and in the online lounge.

    Multiple car settings/save feature

    We’ve added a setting sheet feature that allows you to save multiple car settings.
    From the [Setting Sheet] on the lower right of the screen, you can check the current settings. You can switch between three settings A, B, and C, allowing you to change between your personal settings easily according to the type of race and your objectives.

    11 new NASCAR cars

    The newest NASCAR 2011 models have been added to the car dealership.

    Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motor Sports model added

    The Nisssan GT-R N24 Schulze Motor Sports has been added to the car dealership. This is the car entered in the 2011 Nürburgring 24 hour race by Schulze Motorsports of Germany, and is the very car in which Yamauchi Kazunori raced and achieved a class victory.

    Avatar now usable in Photo Travel

    An Avatar ON/OFF feature has been added to Photo Travel. Now you can photograph your avatar together with your car.
    You can turn the driver avatar ON/OFF by pressing the △ button while positioning the car.

    Replay Fast Forward/Rewind

    In replay video recorded after the 2.0 update, it is now possible to fast forward or rewind the replays with [Forward] and [Rewind] buttons. You can now easily search for the scene you are looking for and repeatedly play back a certain section, making the photo mode even more fun to use.

    Improved Online Lounge

    [Car Restrictions] has been added in the regulations. You can now choose categories such as "NASCAR" and "Super GT". Also, the variety of cars that can be used in the shuffle race has been increased, and a "Shuffle Base" setting now allows you to set the performance level of cars allocated to each player.

    Additional features to Remote Racing

    A "Graph Display" has been added to the remote race screen in GT My Home of granturismo.com, where you can enjoy B-Spec racing. This allows you to see the changes in positions in each lap graphically. A time difference display for each car in the race has also been added.

    New Photo Stage Added

    The "Indy: NASCAR Pit Stop" has been added to photo travel, check out the pit scenes of this US based motor sport.

    Addition of the Consecutive Login Bonus

    When a user logs in consecutively, a bonus will now be applied to experience and race rewards. It will increase to 110% in the 1st day, 130% in the 2nd day, 150% in the 3rd day, 170% in the 4th, to a maximum of 200% in the 5th day. This will apply to all events both online and offline, so logging in every day will make the game progress faster.

    DLC (Downloadable Content) Compatibility

    A [Downloadable Content] button has been added to the lower right of the top screen. Here you can install the downloaded content purchased from the PlayStation®Store.

    Official Support for the G25/G27 Racing Wheels

    The Logitech G25 Racing Wheel and G27 Racing Wheel are now officially supported. You can now change the button allocation for race commands.

    Other Improvements

    - Improvement of the User Interface

    - The Quick Menu can now be accessed while the race is loading.

    - It is now possible to save and resume endurance races.

    - Two NASCAR cars selectable in Arcade Mode have been changed from the 2010 models to the 2011 models.

    - In the Arcade Settings of [Options], the AI Car Characteristics setting has been added. You can now change the aggressiveness of the AI against you in Arcade races.

    - Some effects of Traction Control have been adjusted. When the TCS level is set to 1, it will not come into effect as much especially in tight corners on dirt tracks.

    - Surface Water and Tyre Load Indicator displays have been added to the race screen. The Tyre Load Indicator can be set from the Quick Options that is displayed during the race when the game is paused using the START button, or the standard Options menu.

    - The option to Create Thumbnails of All Cars has been added to the context menu of the Garage. This will update the thumbnails of all cars in the garage.

    - Experience gained in online races have been increased by 60%, and rewards have been increased by 66%.

    - You can now change the Slipstream Strength setting in the lounge.

    - In the Lounge and in [Option] - [General] - [Arcade], it is now possible to turn Visible Damage ON or OFF.

    - A Drivetrain setting has been added to the regulation settings in the Lounge.

    - A setting to prohibit "Tuning" of cars has been added to the regulations settings in the Lounge.

    - Adjusted the driving speed of formula cars in banks, and auto-drive when coming onto straights.

    - Added a button to [Reset Playlist to Original Settings] under the settings menus of [Menu BGM], [Race BGM] and [Slideshow BGM].

    - User BGM can now also be set in [Slideshow BGM]

    - A new brand "AMG" has been added to the MUSEUM.

    Correction of Known Issues

    - Corrected an issue where the "Torque Sensing Centre Differential" installed on a Lancer Evolution X was not functioning.

    - Fixed an issue where you could participate in the Intermediate/Tarmac Rally of the Gran Turismo Rally in a Ferrari F1 by using the power limiter.

    - Fixed an issue where the Controller Steering Sensitivity was not applied correctly.

    - Fixed an issue where there was a server connection problem in certain network environments.

    - Fixed an issue where auto-drive would make braking mistakes.

    - Fixed an issue where the system would misjudge whether deceleration happens in time when making pit stops in the rain.
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Some of the changes are very welcome indeed. Others, not so much. :) Some of the highlights for me:

    The replay controls are not exactly what I had hoped for. It's not a real FF and RW. Instead, the game creates save points every so often and clicking the FF/RW button will jump to the next nearest save. In a very short test replay (60 seconds) the points were every 20 seconds, but I don't know if that changes based on the length of the replay or not. Either way, the feature is helpful but not what was expected.

    The cockpits for standard cars are in, but again not exactly what was expected. The screens released by PD showed the Caterham which looked great. However, that appears to be the exception. All other cars (with roofs) use a black cockpit silhouette with zero detail. If you look very closely you can just about see your drivers arms, but that's it. Not great, but it is good enough for me to start driving standards at last.

    The features added to lobbies are good. Nothing ground breaking, but the new restrictions and car categories should make certain events much easier to organise. Also, the log says that they have fixed a 'server connection problem'... could that be the last issue preventing some people from racing online? Let's hope so.

    Slipstreaming can now be customised! Hooray! No more DRS in road-going hatchbacks! :)

    Endurance saves, though I have little interest in endurance races these days, particularly as the AI difficulty option does not apply to A-Spec.

    They've finally implemented AI difficulty... but only to Arcade mode. Why?! Why can the same option not be applied to A-Spec races and seasonals? Ridiculous.
  3. Just curious how big the update is? Currently at work with limited access to sites on the net.

    Why on earth they couldn't add a proper FWD/RWD feature to the replay mode god only knows.

    The standard cockpit views just seem to be ports from the PSP version and IMO are not overly impressive, although I drive the cars from the bumper cam, so if they hadn't been included it wouldn't have been a big loss for me personally.

    Endurance saves seems a logical and good addition, as I doubt anyone has the time to sit through a multi-hour race in one sitting.
  4. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    It weighs in at about 1.1GB.
  5. I have had the cockpit view on standard cars for months - two pieces of cardboard, painted black, stuck to the tv screen - much more authentic ... ahem ....:wink:
  6. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Lol... that's about as good as they look. :D To be fair though, once I get going I barely notice the complete lack of detail. It's just nice to have the right view position and the feeling that you are 'in' the car instead of strapped to the bumper. Also, open top cars do have detail. I tried the Formula GT earlier and the view was similar to the F1 cars. Obviously the digital display on the steering wheel isn't animated, but that isn't important.



    The period of massive rewards is over. All credit and XP rewards have returned to a normal level, though they can still be boosted by the new 'login bonus'.
  7. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    This bonus only applies for your first login of the day. If you sign out of PSN or restart the game you lose the bonus until the login period resets at midnight. Looks like expensive cars are going to actually feel expensive once again. :)
  8. Given that they seem to boost XP and credits so often (at least it seems that every time I pick the game up again it's the middle of a "boost" period), I suspect that they'll go up again in November for GT5's first birthday.
  9. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    I'm not so sure to be honest. There were a lot of people complaining about the constant reward boosts. Maybe they've implemented this new login reward system as a replacement. 200% isn't as big as it sounds in the grand scheme of things, and only loyal players are rewarded now.

    Maybe we'll get another two tracks for GT5's Birthday instead.
  10. I'm still sifting through the update so I won't comment on much. I did think the new Intro Video is good & find it very interesting that they have chose to use certain tracks in the intro that are currently not available in the game. Hopefully the use of Spa & the "Disco Go Kart Track" are a sign of things to come in a update shortly.
  11. I too expected more from new replay features but at least now you don't have to watch it from beginning especially if you wanted to see what else was going on in the race from a different view or car.

    Interior view as Wayne said just looks like "two pieces of cardboard, painted black, stuck to the tv screen" on some cars but it is welcome, it sets you in the mood and with gauges in front of you now it's way better then driving from the hood with digital gauge far on the right.

    Too me the best ones are 3 car settings, slipstream strength setting that you can weaken and tyre load indicator which is helpful to see if and when you are bottoming out. Because there was a problem of reversed ride hight setting now you will see if it's happening on your car.

    Also for our online events good features are drivetrain setting, tunning restriction option and if connection problem that they fixed refers to problems people had while joining our events in the past.
  12. I often log in at least twice a day - must make sure to cash in on remote races first time ...
  13. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Physics seems to be a bit different. Cars are not understeering like a 200 tons Cruiser Ship and the RWD cars are losing the rear end faster than before.
    Made a few 'random choice' races last night and it was nice to compete with different cars at the same level perfomance.
    As for the AI... they are faster... on the straights, because they're still braking 2 miles before corners and applying throttle 2 hours later exiting corners.
    Btw, I can't setup weather changes on Arcade mod and when hosting a server. Is it because of the track selection or is it my problem?
  14. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    It is... the DLC with those tracks (and only those tracks) is being released next Tuesday.

    Can't say I've noticed, but I have been using a bunch of cars that I've never driven before (standards). I'll have to try a few of my old favourites and see if they feel any different.

    Didn't notice any difference in the AI... single model race, no upgrades, in the lead by the end of lap one, won the race by a country mile. Nothing new there. I didn't bother trying the AI difficulty in Arcade mode as it's pointless to me.

    Only certain tracks have variable weather. Suzuka is one, Nurb is another. There are only a few which is unfortunate.
  15. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    A couple of things worth mentioning about the new endurance saves.

    Firstly, the option appears when you pit. Choosing to 'suspend' the race instantly exits GT5 and returns you to the XMB. On restarting GT5 you will be thrown straight back into the race again. In other words, you can do absolutely nothing else (including online) until you finish the race. I don't know about you guys, but that renders this new feature completely useless for me. I can understand locking out A-Spec until you finish, but online too? Looks like I'll never be completing the endurances.

    Secondly, there is a serious bug with this feature in races on Tsukuba. On trying to resume it is being reported that your car is placed on the main straight rather than in the pits. The autodrive AI then attempts to drive through the wall in order to get back into the pits, ruining your race. I'd avoid Tsukuba endurances until this is confirmed as fixed.
  16. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    OMG Ross, thanks for the info. What does those PD guys are thinking??
    I really like GT5, but for me will be always an unfinished game with lots of potencial throwed up.
    Such a big update for almost nothing. However, I still have fun with the standard cars and I see more lads
    online driving them.
    Oh well, I have my Fanatec wheel with SCR pedals waiting for Forza4 and can't wait for trying it.
  17. I agree Paulo/Ross - what is the point in having races that no-one can realistically complete. If anyone wanted to do this they'd be lined up for a divorce!

    What I like so far ....
    Ability to save setups is a good thing. Rewards for log on loyalty.

    One thing I'd like to see in future would be better paint options - even if its just to stick a team name/number on your car!

    Paulo - what is your xbox live tag - I also have FM4 and race with the R Dept guys every Weds evening - ADD ME!
  18. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Wayne, I still have my 360 in its box waiting for F4 arrival to unpack and install everything. I will get the game today, but for sure only tomorrow I will install and see how it works. I only have Xbox1 and never been online with this 360. Don't even know how it works and the procedures. Is it easy and plug & play as PS3? Some help will be grateful.
    Sure I will add you Wayne.
  19. Setting up account on xbox just needs email address/broadband connection details etc. First month of gold is free - after that annual subscription. Setup is pretty straitforward - any issues send me msg to inbox - don't want to clog up GT5 thread with xbox stuff!
  20. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Guys, we have a dedicated forum for Forza so please go and use it. The GT5 Spec 2.0 thread is not the place for this, particularly since the game isn't even on the same console.