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GT5 Formula One cars the choice for F1 fans?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dc67, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. I never played the GT series and this is going to be upgraded anyways but will the F1 fans dump F1 2010,Iracing and all the MOD games. 2007 and some older F1 cars to choose from and sharp graphics ext.
  2. i think it's going to be like the Ferrari Virtual Academy, it's going to come with the F10, and the F2007 was very realistic, the lap times were close to the real times:)
  3. To be honest, having realistic lap times means absolutly nothing. They can fudge it so it'll get the right times even if the car is too fast or has too much grip etc.

    It hasn't got laser scanned tracks therefore it loses out massively to FVA and iRacing and I'm 99.9% sure the FFB wont be as good either. I'll have to try it myself but I cant see it replacing FVA or iRacing when it comes to realistic F1. It'll be more realistic than F1 2010 I'm pretty sure but then again that has all the tracks and cars so people who want an arcade racer will chose that instead.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The forcefeedback on the G25 was already very good with GT5 prologue.
  5. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    I'll wait for the Jury to come out once this game is released. PS3 is collecting massive amount of dust right.
  6. I don't buy games wondering if they will replace this or that, I buy based on what I think it will add to what I have already. iRacing will be pretty hard to beat for anyone in terms of handling and FFB though what I've felt so far from GT5 I think the FFB is as good if not better than GT5 Prologue which felt very good to me. The 2010 Ferrari is in the game and I'd like to get hold of it but for now I have to crack on with the career in my '89 Civic Type R lol.
  7. I play Iracing for different reasons, il play GT5 online with my friends, but don't plan to do any public racing like i would do on IRacing. FVA and IRacing are still going to be more realistic F1 simulations and FVA atleast has modeled the car in a way that i doubt the PS3 and the premium model can match for looks. I don't really play F1 2010 anymore, though i had fun with it.

    I still have the odd lap around FVA and i play IRacing with the Williams F1 and Rfactor with Fsone 2009 mod a lot, and i will probably still play them a lot when i get GT5. GT5 will be amazing fun but it is what it is, Rfactor and IRacing give me something different.

    On the IRacing forums people are VERY against GT5, there is no love there at all, most of the discussion that goes on is about how bad it is and how they won't be buying it. Those guys are hardcore/elitist types and are faithful to IRacing, they have no desire to try GT5 and a lot of the PC sim community (not all) is like that, console titles are often shunned. Theres not much thats going to change here, the console guys will buy GT5, most of those players have never even heard of IRacing, and most of them have not played Rfactor or some of the other popular PC sims. Some of the IRacing guys will buy GT5, some will like it and some will hate it for not being IRacing, the others will not buy it, its like 2 completely different sets of people. I don't think anybody is going to drop their favourite games for GT5, but a lot of people will play it alongside them.

    Thats my view on it anyway.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Wouldn't expect something else. Pretty funny that they can judge that the game is bad without playing or buying it. Typical fanboy behaviour :)

    Just let everybody play what they like, without judging it.
  9. Here Here Bram, dont play what ya dont like.
  10. I think graphically the only thing that can come close to GT5 is Codemasters EGO Engine based games like F1 2010 and DIRT2. FVA looks pretty poor IMHO, low level of track side objects. iRacing does fare a little better and as I've said before I think iRacing in terms of PC racers only really loses out to Codemasters EGO engined games. With all the detail cranked up it looks great and you don't need a stellar PC to do it. I'll still play iRacing, RACE On, Forza 3 but I do think GT5 will feature strongly too in my leisure gaming time.

    There has been some silly comments passed on the iRacing forums and I was quite surprised to see a pretty positive thread for it today. You are right though on the whole the comments have not been very positive. Its not just iRacing though, there are people here at RD and other racing forums with the same kind of mentality that because its on a console it can't possibly be good or fun. That kind of PC snobishness is silly in my opinion. I started out sim racing on hardware before PC's and have been sim racing for longer than probably quite a few of some of the PC sim snobs you find online. To be fair though that is the official iRacing forums so the focus of people being there is iRacing. I really like iRacing but I can have just as much fun in Forza 3 or GT5 with my friends. They are different games that do something slightly different but the end product is still the same - fun.

    As I said above Bram those kinds of comments were from the official iRacing forums, thats a forum focused on one game. The people posting there are there because they want to play iRacing. Its not like RD where you cater for not only multiple games but multiple platforms too. You might expect a broader outlook but still you can get fans of one sim trolling another whether its iRacing or NetKar Pro where the iRacing forum was trolled. The same kind of people who would criticise iRacing's pricing structure but then buy add-on content for FVA for example. I don't go to the netKar Pro forum to criticise even though I own it. I thought we were here for the enjoyment of our sims not a petty war over who has the best game. I'm here for the fun of driving various driving games - be it iRacing, Forza 3, GT5 or any other number of games I own.
  11. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    IMO, I sim race on PC and PS3, either can be just as good, it is, at the end of the day, down to the game (i.e physics) and not the actual hardware it is run on.
  12. I can not wait to unlock this baby :)

  13. i dont think GT5 has a F1 season i think it just has one car (ferrari) for you to drive around
  14. For what its worth, when i was talking about the graphics in FVA i was just pointing towards the car model itself, i can confirm after checking out GT5 today that the FVA car does look better, more details on the wheels and the higher resolution of a PC.

    GT5 looks decent but is plagued (in my eyes) by the limitations of the console, the graphics engine itself and the quality of the work they have done is nothing short of amazing but it doesnt come across well on the console, i've seen blurry textures and jagged edged shadows, my eyes had to really adjust to playing a console with the lower resolutions, as i bought the console to play the game, the last console i bought was my PS2 in 2001. Though after a day of playing i have settled in to the look and it is a really nice game, the sounds are really nice too, overall it has a certaint quality to it that i like.
  15. If you were going to play split screen with your friend would you play F1 2010(I know) or gt5?