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GSCE config error message

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by jimortality, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. jimortality


    Hi, hope someone can help me please. When I click on the gsce config folder, I keep getting an error message. I have to click it about 6 times before it will let me access the config and then it's all ok. It doesn't stop me doing anything and the game if fine but it just gets annoying and shouldn't be there. Also, the desktopini keeps landing on my desktop when I've downloaded mods, is this normal?


    ps I re-downloaded direct x 9 but still get message and I'm running windows 8.1

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  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

  3. It looks like a nvidia driver problem rather then game problem.
    Did you recently update your graphic card drivers? There are mixed driver versions!

    Try these steps first:
    1. Delete nvspcap.dll (system32 and sysWoW64)
    2. Uninstal new PhysX (Add or Remove Programs)
    3. Instal PhysX from latest drivers (\International\PhysX)
    4. Reboot

    Still problems try these steps:
    1. Delete your video card drivers (from Control Panel->Program and Features)
    2. Delete additional technologies (PhysX etc.)
    3. Delete nvspcap.dll from system32 & sysWOW64 folder
    4. Reboot
    5. Install newest video card drivers
    6. ???
    7. Fixed;)
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2014
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  4. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    Funny! I have this issue with rFactor but not GSCE.
    Only started happening after I upgraded the nvidia video card drivers to the latest version 2 weeks ago
  5. jimortality


    That seems to have fixed it Davy thank you. I tried the first instructions but I could only delete the nvspcap from syswow64 but it wouldn't let me delete from system 32. I un-installed PhysX but I couldn't find international physX. Anyway, I rebooted as it was and clicked on my config exe in my game installs and no error messages at all. Not sure what physx does or If I need it but nothing else seems amiss cheers.
  6. It won't let you delete from system32 because its in use by windows.
    For delete it there, you need to boot in 'safe mode'.

    You still need PhysX!
    What it does is this:
    Without accurate physics simulations, even the most beautiful game feels static and lifeless. PhysX taps into the GPU for complex physics calculations. PhysX brings games to life with dynamic destruction, particle based fluids, and life-like animation. (source nvidia)

    If you want a clean graphic driver install use this tool.
  7. jimortality


    Uhm, it's getting a bit technical Davy lol I'm not confident of doing anything else and according to gforce experience, I think physX may still be there.
  8. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium

    I had this and i deleted the nvidia geforce experience program, and it worked.
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  9. jimortality


    Right that seems to have worked for me as well, straight into the config folder without any error messages so I think between you all, it's now sorted thank you all very much :)
  10. Falk Massmann

    Falk Massmann

    PhysX from nvidia must be supported by the game. I don´t think GSCE supports PhysX but I could be wrong. It´s included in most driver downloads these days anyway. It really is user choice if you want to have it installed or not. Think it can be removed from the deinstallation page of the system control panel too.