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GSC 2012 won´t start

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by puffitheone, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. upload_2013-10-20_11-11-14.png
    Hello guys...my problem is when i will start the game this window comes!Can someone help me?I played the game few weeks then comes one day a GData warning about Trojan.Generic...
    So i uninstalled the game and reinstalled but this show me the exe.
    I thought it means maybe that i must enter the serial number,but where....
    I have no idea what´s happend:mad:

    Thanks in advance:cautious:
  2. It looks like the error goes about permission writing on disc...
    Try run the .exe file as administrator, right click on file.
    Or install everything again as administrator.
  3. All this i had done...:unsure:
  4. Was it before also installed directly on C drive?
    If not install it under program files or another drive then C

    I never install any game on C drive, have no problems at all
  5. I had it from the start on C...i will try again under files
  6. Also, try too put your virus scanner off and run the game.
  7. Proplem is GData...!the i must find where i can find that allows me run the exe with GData...
  8. Good, you find the problem. Most of those are virus scan related problems.
    I can't help you with GData. I don't know that program.
    I hope you can figured it out.