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GSC 2012 won´t start

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by puffitheone, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. upload_2013-10-20_11-11-14.png
    Hello guys...my problem is when i will start the game this window comes!Can someone help me?I played the game few weeks then comes one day a GData warning about Trojan.Generic...
    So i uninstalled the game and reinstalled but this show me the exe.
    I thought it means maybe that i must enter the serial number,but where....
    I have no idea what´s happend:mad:

    Thanks in advance:cautious:
  2. Davy Vandevenne

    Davy Vandevenne
    Staff Member

    It looks like the error goes about permission writing on disc...
    Try run the .exe file as administrator, right click on file.
    Or install everything again as administrator.
  3. All this i had done...:unsure:
  4. Davy Vandevenne

    Davy Vandevenne
    Staff Member

    Was it before also installed directly on C drive?
    If not install it under program files or another drive then C

    I never install any game on C drive, have no problems at all
  5. I had it from the start on C...i will try again under files
  6. Davy Vandevenne

    Davy Vandevenne
    Staff Member

    Also, try too put your virus scanner off and run the game.
  7. Proplem is GData...!the i must find where i can find that allows me run the exe with GData...
  8. Davy Vandevenne

    Davy Vandevenne
    Staff Member

    Good, you find the problem. Most of those are virus scan related problems.
    I can't help you with GData. I don't know that program.
    I hope you can figured it out.