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Grr.... 15 servers all with lag or is it me

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Steven Palmer, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Right I touched on this a little in the following thread


    I tried 15, YES 15 servers so far tonight and every single one of them I am getting lag (synchronizing game 486ms or there abouts)

    I have tried adding exceptions in the Windows firewall for all the ports listed in the manual (UDP and TCP+UDP)

    I have also opened these ports on my router (Netgear DG834 v2 wired NOT WiFi)

    So I'm guessing that perhaps there maybe something else going on here.

    If anyone can offer me any sort of advise I would greatly appreciate it as I'm really getting frustrated with this to the point of giving up every having another race online :pout:

    a few facts:

    My ISP is ORANGE 4Mb, I've done a speed test just now and it came in at just under 3 Mb down 355 up

    All my other games are working no problem online, CoD4, Supreme Commander, Warhammer 40K, CoH

    I live in the UK (Northern Ireland)

    250 - 285Kb are normal for downloading files etc...
  2. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    did you play with other cars online?
    did you see some sort of lag?
  3. Its probably you - most likely because your ISP is Orange who aren't exactly the best...

    You say your other games work fine which is a bit weird - all i can think of is its something to do with the ports Race 07 uses and that Orange may traffic shape/block them at certain times. Can you check if you get this problem at non peak hours?
  4. Yes it happens if there are cars there or not, what normally happens is I pull out of the garage I get the "synchronisizing game xxxms) at the top of the screen ( starts low 10 -15 ms and gradually goes up to 486 - 490ms, never higher.

    The game just jump horibbly, one second I am approachng the bend, the next I'm off the track heading for the sand/barriers

  5. James, I was on tuesday night between 7 and 9 then last night between 9 and 10 o clock and this afternoon from 4 until now 6 ish all with the same results. after a few trys each night I came out and went to play CoD4 with no problems.
  6. What times would you suggest I should try?
  7. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    You could try in the morning.
  8. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    late at night :)
  9. Late at night - around midnight is a good time. Either that or midday on a weekday should be good to check. When i used to have Virgin ADSL they used to limit everything from about 4PM-10PM on a weekday, that said, some things were always limited and never really worked at any time. Ventrilo always cut out and had a huge ping because they used to block the traffic as it was apparently torrent traffic :rolleyes:

    Other thing to try is take your PC to someone elses house who have a different ISP and see if you get the same result.
  10. Hmm first thing in the morning maybe tricky I start work @ 8PM so I'm usually flying round getting ready, but I definately get up earlier one morning next week to try it out, the late night will probably be a little easier so I'll give that a go also. I assume you would advise against testing at the weekend because obviously there are more people on?

    Might try my nephews ISP, he on BT so I'll perhaps try this weekend
  11. as a last resort you might wanna try re-installing the game...
  12. Hopefully a VERY LAST resort :wink:
  13. is it still the same 2nyt steven?i seen u on the mini server earlier n forgot to ask u!!?
  14. Yep kieran , I've been trying every 30 mins or so. Its 22.48 now and it's still bad :-(
  15. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    but also remember that weekends are the best for those torrent downloaders to do their traffic hogging.....
  16. Bad router

    Right, I remembered I had a router sent to me by Orange when I joined up so I decided to give it a try...and hey voila, super smooth racing all day. I'll give it another week before I smash the other one into a million pieces just to be on the safe side:pound:Happy days, the trouble is I can only access these forums from my daughters PC as mine still displays the DNS front end error message from when you guys changed servers even though both PC's are wired into the same router...strange.
  17. Sorted that by using the ipconfig /flushdns command :becky:
  18. now u can enjoy your racing steven as im sure it was cracking u up as it does with every1 wen u get a bad server!!