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Grip levels online, higher?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Tomas Torasen, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Hiya'll!
    Did anyone else notice that there seem to be more grip or something online?

    I've practiced some tracks pretty much in TT. Then online, feeling confident in how it feels nailing a good lap, where critical points are on the track and so on. Suddenly online am doing half a second faster than my PB in TT, and it doesnt even feel as a perfect lap.
    In Valencia my PB in TT is 1,36;0. On an online lap I missed a very crucial apex, got on the throttle too late, which I know should hurt my lap time so I'm guessing around 1,37,5 or more. But I get a 1,35;5.
  2. Maybe you're better when it counts. I dunno...:bike:
  3. I know I am from other games, but this didnt feel like something like that.
  4. Lol I always feel its the other way around. I practice on singleplayer and time trial all week, then when it comes to my league's race night a lose grip in the strangest places.
  5. same thing tonight. 1,18,1 at monza. my best is a high 1,19. wth!? I did a mid 1,39 at spa on a lap that wasnt especially good. and so on.

    I went back to time trial to try there, and I was back to my normal pace. I'm sure this must be the case.