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Misc Green Showroom 1.0

A green Showroom

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  1. puffitheone,

    Would you happen to know how to change the color of the team select square? I can change the logo but can't figure out how to change the name.
  2. You mean the color in the team select menu?For example in my case to change the yellow from HRT into red?I don´t know that-i would be very happy:D
    The name of teams you must change in the language file...
  3. I just have installed it on my game, and it's pretty awesome. Gives a new/nice look to the main menu. Thanks again puffitheone. It will match with the new 2013 mod that V1tek is preparing for us. A totally new game. :roflmao:
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  4. Yes, sorry my post is incorrect. I meant to say to color. Thanks anyway.
  5. Is just a personal and individual note for the game,and also simple to do:laugh:
    No problem;)
  6. It was often a modding question...but no answer or way for change this color...:unsure: