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Skins Green Red Bull 1.1

Red Bull Green

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  1. I tell you this is nice, nice job, looks great! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::)
  2. Awesome mate, really well done!! One of the first mods I'm going to download after Christmas :D
  3. Amazing job.
  4. what resolution it have can you make it hd or dhd will be great?
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  5. I have only turn green the skin with photoshop. I've used the original high quality ".PSSG" file.
    NB : I'm French
  6. Hello i've made a change of brands in tyres, but whem i start the game the Option stay Yellow, or Red, and the Prime stay White or Orange, how can i change all the color to White?
  7. Well codemasters work couldn't be called "high quality work*" It's rather a piece of :poop:
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  8. but i downloaded this skin and is just the no 1 car green and will be better with both cars if you cand make
  9. Well that's due to that he didn't include the low car texture file in his download. Just simply copy this mod to the "textures_low" folder in Livery_main folder.
  10. i overwrite livery_00 , livery_01 and livery_main under the original files
  11. Jesus those are the driver helmets not the car . And the livery_00 and livery_01 folder isn't in the livery_main folder. Open the livery_main folder and you will see these:
    And paste this mod to the texture_low folder too and you will see the green car for the AI too.
  12. i put textures_high and textures_low from livery_main to livery_main original folder
  13. That's right ! I'm a beginner and I maked only the car 1. Sorry ;)
  14. Wrong. If you texture the redbull texture you will have it done for the number 2 car too. You were just too lazy to extract it into the "texture_low" folder too .
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  15. Lol I didn't know for textures, that's all.
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  16. and i think will be better to make two versions of green:this one and another with a more contrasted green more saturated more visible you know what i say