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Skins Great Wave GT-R GT3 1.1

Custom league skin I created for ACRL Season 4

  1. chefthatcantcook submitted a new resource:

    Great Wave GT-R GT3 - Custom league skin I created for ACRL Season 4

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  2. For the preview image, make sure the title is lower case letters only, and a jpg or jpeg file extension. To get the image to "appear" in the game, make sure the skin folder does not have any spaces between words, i.e., "use dashes or _ symbol to keep everything separate.
  3. Ahhhh, thank you very much! My problem was that the folder had a space in it. I had trouble in the past with previous skins, but some of them would "just work" and the preview image would appear. I never would have guessed that the folder name was the key part there.
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