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Grass Textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by MG-61, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Hey boys i need a little help.

    I'm trying to make my own grass textures which i can do in photoshop but when i load them in BTB i get the following.


    Take it easy on me i'm new to all this.
  2. You have some kind of feather , check carefully the edges of your texture
    may be you hace one or two pixels as feather
  3. Yes that is what you have... either blend the texture to the edges or use the crop tool (keep image size to the power of 2)
  4. Thanks boys.

    As it turned out i had added a wind filter & it was mucking up two of the edges. :thanks:
  5. When I want to apply a wind filter/motion blur, I start with an image which is too big, e.g. 1500x1500, apply the filter, crop it to 1024x1024, then apply the seamless tiling function/blend the edges.
  6. Thanks Mate i'll try that as well.
  7. May you can tell us much more
  8. Let's say you want a 256x256 image, with motion blur.

    If you start with this:

    and apply motion blur, you get this:

    The pixels at the top are noticeably brighter. You can get round it by starting with an image which is too big:

    Apply motion blur:

    Then you crop the image (i.e. cut the edges off) to reduce its size:
  9. Another question, how right made grass textures?
    I made my textures by tutorial (with diffuse, bump and speculars) but results not rigth. I read that need to creat Multiply and Add, but how. What is method for it...
  10. You have a choice. You can have 'diffuse only', which is okay for objects (except perhaps for when high detail is needed). You can also have different combinations of diffuse, bump and specular, or all three. I'm not experienced enough to know when a material would not need, say, specular. I've only been making track and grass textures and always choose 'diffuse, bump and specular' because that's what the default materials use.

    I have no idea what 'multiply' and 'add' are for :o
  11. The default grass textures are 'diffuse, multiply and add'.

    I think the multiply and add are there to help break up any patterning on large areas, but I'm not sure how they work