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Graphic Mods for 0.8.4?

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by FROST John, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. I saw on the forum that some renderer scripts can be changed.Is it possible for 0.8.4,too.Because I've got a slow computer and I want to buy a computer in summer ;) There is a ''renderer'' folder in data.I want a looking like HDR and ENB series mixing :D
  2. Does someone have an idea?
  3. If there is a renderer folder in v 0.8.4 then they can be edited with a text editor like notepad+ but be careful as you can foul things up a lot and not be able to recover unless you backup any file you fool around with. Good luck!
  4. Thanks.I'll try...
  5. Do you have a modified renderer folder,sir?
  6. Some of the cg's have been modified by various members and they have posted the changes on this forum in various threads, but I haven't changed any myself.
  7. Where can I download them from?
  8. They are in various threads on this forum, you will just have to search for them.
  9. Thanks,by the way sorry for my bad english :( I'll improve it...