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Career Grand Prix Legends 1.0

Nostalgic throwback to GPL with this Lotus 49 championship.

  1. Tom Michelmore submitted a new resource:

    Grand Prix Legends - Nostalgic throwback to GPL with this Lotus 49 championship.

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  2. Good description, Tom ,)
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  3. thanks!!
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  4. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    WoW 67 I was 17teen I remember watching them race on wide world of sports thank u so much for the and for flash back in time for me
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  5. antonn


    thanks a lot tom
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  6. Danny Walker

    Danny Walker
    0l' stone

    I've got a question. I tried to download this to my career section and it doesn't show up in there. Am I missing something here or did not install it in the correct place? Please some help here as I really like this Mod.
  7. Thank you TM for another great career. You, sir, are setting the standard IMHO.
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  8. When you download the file, inside it will be a installation.txt file that should hopefully explain everything clearly. Basically whenever you extract one of the folders it should be to the Assetto Corsa main directory and also ensure that you're extracting folders named 'content' and nothing else.

    I'm glad everyone's enjoying my mods so far :). I just hope soon Kunos will add support for reverse grid races and longer races themselves to give a lot more freedom when creating these additions.
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  9. Every time I try to start, I end up in the Ferrari at the GT2 championship at Magione. Weird. I've only tried it in the Rift so far, that might be causing it, not sure.

    edit: user error, oops! Cheers!
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2014
  10. Danny Walker

    Danny Walker
    0l' stone

    Thanks so much Tom, for your help on this. I've never done this type of a Mod to AC before :( and was at a loss completely. I got it after your instructions :thumbsup: and it works SOOoo GOOood tooo!. Thanks Again. :)
  11. Muchas Gracias
  12. Has anyone done this career and if so what position one might expect to finish if driving well? Reason I ask is I see the top AI drivers are only a second or so slower than world record pace on Spa so chances of a win or even top ten seem extremely difficult.
  13. Having a problem with AI just stopped in the road during practice at Longford also ploughing into each other.