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gRally announcement

Discussion in 'gRally' started by Bram, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  2. yep......from the creator of RBR ONLINE utility, GHIBOZ, will arrive a RALLY SIM built from scratch. i posted in DRIVINGITALIA forum some images in wich you can see an internal track editor to use with GPS DATA; in this way you can create and import stages more easly.......at the moment there are some videos but they are quit old (almost 2 years), infact they declared that the only thing that doesn't changed with the new version is the sky.
    some images of the editor
  3. I assume from the name that it'll be using the same engine we've been seeing over, and over, and over again lately?
  4. i think is a brand new game engine (nothing to do with GMOTOR 2)
    infact G stands for GHIBOZ (the developer)
  5. Very interesting. The fact that the developer has intimate knowledge of RBR is a really good sign. That should be the gold standard for all rally games.

    I think if they go with an rFactor mindset, provide a solid engine that is easy to mod, it will be a really good thing. However if it is truly a single developer, well I don't have high hopes of making it out of the vaporware stage to be honest.
  6. KUNOS developed NETKAR alone ; )
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  7. Netkar proves how difficult it is with 1.0 being released early 2006, and 1.2 release coming almost 5 years after that.

    I am not trying to discount GHIBOZ in any way, it is just very difficult to keep passion alive for a project for the years it will take one person to develop all the systems required to take on a game like RBR, even in the unfinished state it released in.

    I truly look forward to updates from this project. Not trying to be a naysayer, just a realist. I do think the next true rally simulator will come from a niche group as codemasters and black bean sure aren't targeting simracers. I am glad someone so involved in the RBR community is tackling the problem!
  8. Hmm... very interesting. Good luck to them... they'll need it! Haven't been too many good rally games lately...
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    No news in the last four weeks. Project still alive?
  10. project still alive be patient ; )
  11. Alberto, do i understand you have contact for the makers of this game? If so, can we get any more info about the game? screen shots etc. The ones of the track builder look good but don't tell us much.
  12. wait from them news; at the moment i don't so much about this title except that this project will refresh the rally sim community
  13. any news about multi player?
  14. there will be
  15. coming soon the official FORUM
  16. great news
  17. xenforo...good choice :D