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GPU for Eyefinity for F1 2011.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Koodeu, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Hello

    What card you think would be enough for triple screen gaming? Race series and GTR2 works fine with my ATI 5750 1G. F1 2010 didn't run so well on three screens, thus I expect F1 2011 will be no different in this case. What do you think I should buy?
  2. I think you should buy HD6870 or HD 6950 graphic card.
  3. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    To be safe an Ati 6990, im the same as you I have a 5970 and although 2010 worked well over 3 screens im slightly worried about 2011.
  4. I would make do with what you have at the moment as it's not a great time to upgrade your GPU.
  5. For eyefinity in F1 2010 I would say the bare minimum is a 6950 2GB and you will need to tone down resolution (to 4800x900) and settings (medium at most). I would recommend going for 2x6950 2GB (I use this myself and get well over 60fps) or like Andrew said a 6990. I'm guessing that F1 2011 won't require more GPU power than F1 2010 did.

    New GPU's won't be out until Q1 2012 (end of Q1 I'm guessing) so Koodeu will be waiting around 6months for a new GPU. Now is not a terribly good, but not a terribly bad time to buy a card. Try and get something on special.
  6. im running f12010 in eyefinity with a hd 5750?? no problems at all.. res 4078x1024
  7. Fair do's, release dates fluctuate, the last official release from ATI says its all on track for 2011 release - but worth the wait regardless (im still running 2x 4870s in crossfire btw)
    7900 series offers 100% more performance than a 6970, and also a little bit more than two 6970's in crossfire - that's a serious reason to wait if you ask me.
    If you dont want the new tech, that will also be the right time to pick up a dirt cheap 6970 / 6990s - not now.
    At this point in time, you are still paying primo money for a card that has a few months left.

    7970 spec -

    Stream Processors 3048
    Texture Units 128
    ROPs 64
    Core Clock 1020MHz
    Memory Clock 1.7GHz (6.8GHz effective) GDDR5
    Memory Bus Width 256-bit
    Frame Buffer 2GB
    FP64 1/4
    Transistor Count 3.2B
    Manufacturing Process TSMC 28nm
    1x6,1x8 pin power, TDP 250W

    Incidently OP, the amount of onboard GDDR has much more impact on resolution / screen size / multiple displays, rather than the clock speed of the GPU.
  8. I run hd6870 on one screen, all maxed with 8xAA and I only get something like 45fps. I would definitely go 6970 or better. Or crossfire a couple 6850 or similar, that should do the trick.
  9. Point taken Paul, but we don't know how much a 7970 will cost (especially with its XDR memory). And don't forget how long people were (and still are) waiting for bulldozer. I agree with you about prices now though, they should be lower. Paying full retail for a 6950 ($250) is far too much, I would definitely get one on sale (seen them as low as $200 with rebate).

    The alternative (I guess) is to go with a 6870 CF which should do until the 7000 series is available. I haven't played F1 2011 yet but I know I wouldn't be able to wait for the 7000 series to play in eyefinity.