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GPS Data Import mirrored

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Onkel_Micha, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Onkel_Micha



    I am just playing around to build a hill climb track. I have imported the GPS data and there is a problem.

    The track is mirrored by 180 degrees. Please find a picture of the right and wrong version. The google Screenshot is correct. I tried everything. Every GPS program shows it right. The import in BTB went wrong.

    Maybe someone has an idea where I think wrong.

    Best regards


    View attachment track.pdf
  2. OnkelMicha


    Thank you for your help.

    You are right. I have checked it this morning and if I change Long. and Lat. it it is correct. I have taken the path inside GE orientated to the north. And now it looks fine.

    I have done following process: Created a path into Google Earth (KML) or download GPS Data (GPX), Load it up into GPS-Track-Analyse.net to clean the data and get height => save it as CSV and Import to BTB.

    Now I know that I have to change Long. and Lat. ;-)
  3. Bohica93


    Hi, I have had a similar issue. To fix it, I opened the CSV file in Excel, then in a new column I multiplied the LAT or LONG by -1, do this of all rows.

    This in effect inverts the track. Save the CSV file, close it, then reopen it and delete the original column.

    Now you can import the inverted track into BTB, if it is still wrong try the LONG instead of LAT to be multiplied by -1.