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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Tim Robinson, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I have written a small application that will retrieve longitude, latitude and altitude data directly from GPS devices(NMEA sentences, specifically the $GPGGA sentence) , and convert it into a usable .csv format for BTB.

    The application has been written to use a device plugged into a port in the range COM1 to COM5.

    Due to accuracy limitations of the GPS system, especially altitude, I have given the option to either log data WITH altitude or WITHOUT(default), in this case the altitude information will be equal to zero meters.

    Further editing in BTB will still be required.

    If you need to edit the .csv file for any reason I would recommend using something like Excel or Notepad++, as Windoze XP Notepad doesnt display the data correctly, dunno why.

    I have no access to a Vista based machine so it hasn't been tested on Vista.

    In theory there is no limit to the amount of data logged, except of course physical RAM available.

    This is the first piece of code I have released into the wild, so any feedback would be welcome, good or bad.


    1. GPS device capable of outputting NMEA sentences.

    2. Laptop/netbook/crotchtop. I use a "GlobalSat BU-353" plugged into my Asus Eee.

    3. .NET 3.5 Framework.



    If this software causes your PC to melt into a puddle, black holes to form in the local vicinity or alien invasions,,, you get the idea, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.


    Having said that I have tested the code quite a lot and nothing bad or scary has happened to my system,,, sys,,, sys,,, system so far.

    P.s. Altitude data can be VERY inaccurate, so use it as a rough guide only. Longitude and latitude are "usually" a lot more accurate.

    And once more to make sure,,, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Download link:-

  2. lol, at least you have a sense of humor.:)