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Got my licence, need to be graded - please advise

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Stewart Bridge, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. I'd like some advice on what I need to focus on for my grading. I'm useless with in-depth car setups and haven't yet put a lot of time into this years tracks, so any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I guess I'm looking for tips on what cars setups and tracks to practice on before asking to be graded?

    I think I may concentrate on the club races first, though. So there's no urgency but to be honest I've not put anywhere near as much time into RBR as I have WRC2 so some form of tip to get me on the right road would be good :D
  2. I wouldn't worry about setups, I'm guessing a huge majority doesn't touch anything apart from gearing and perhaps brake bias.

    The idea for the grading system is to find out where you fit in, so you can race people of similar pace.
    I say just do the basic stuff and just drive as you normally would; go through the Rally School, do a club rally or seventeen, do a single player season even.

    And welcome :D
  3. ok, and thanks for the welcome :)

    Just to clarify, can I enter the club races without a grading? if so is there much notice to get some practice in before putting an official time in?

    edit, on second thought I may just jump in the deep end :) i think i'll devote this week to practice and club races and go for a grading this weekend if possible :)
  4. Yeah, club rallies are completely separate, just join and drive.

    You can practice the stages offline whenever you want, but after you pass the first split in an online rally, that's the result that will count.
    If you haven't tried online rallies yet, I suggest you do. Just join any random public session, to see how it all works.
  5. i've played online rally sessions in other games/sims, just not with RBR so will be an exciting experience!

    many thanks for your help :)
  6. Welcome aboard Stewart, I'm sure you'll find RBR much better (but much more challenging) than WRC2. The learning curve is big, but you'll love it when you get settled in.

    Just in case you are not fully aware, you will need RSRBR2012 to join our Rally Club and RDRC Events.
    Full details here:

    And to help you with using RSRBR On-Line, this might help:

    The Rally Club is the ideal place to get started, no pressure, just good fun. The cars used and stages will vary every week, so it gives you a good introduction to the various types of cars and stages. Don't worry too much about crashing, we have lots of those.
    Check out the previous Rally Club events and it will give you an idea of what we do.

    Look forward to seeing you soon. :)
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  7. AWESOME! thanks Warren :)

    I've got RSRBR 2012 installed, the RSCentre looks quite daunting! but I did get to play in the coned car park :D the scooby was great fun and i nailed the cones first try :p the trail braking left hand bend on the latter part of the rally school is annoying me though... i'm doing it faster than the time but it's not letting me have it because i keep braking too late for it's tastes ... grrrr stupid teacher telling me to slow down :D haha!

    thanks for the how to play online link. i'll read that tomorrow!
  8. Can any of you help with some strange problem i'm getting?

    in the default RBR (not with mods/rscentre) i've set all my controls, then by editing the rbr.ini file i've set my resolution to 6048x1080 (eyefinity triple screen) and all goes fine. However if i then load RSCentre it completely rewrites the ini file killing all my settings. i've tried making it read only.

    am i missing something obvious here?

    edit - nevermind, i found the little innocuous button for the settings in RSCentre :rolleyes: