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Google's new algorithms

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jtbo, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I think that Google is starting to slide down pretty badly as they are now censoring results containing negative feedback about Google, at least that is what I think, here I explain why I think so and you can make your own judgement if it is so or if it is not.

    Try it by entering these words to their search, you can even put quotation marks around Google and it seem not to change anything, one can even add &nfpr=1 at the end of search string to make Google to search more what you search, less what Google thinks that you want, still results are pretty much the same:
    google gets worse day by day

    Here is link to search I did with Yahoo.UK, first hit is link to Google's own discussion groups, can you find it from Google results? I could not, actually I could not find much critics about Google by searching with Google engine, which I can find easily with Yahoo.

    They did also just last month remove + operator, you need now to use " " around word to force it to results, but it creates bit of issue when you have two groups of two or more words and you would like to other one to have in results, sometimes it seem to drop some of those words.

    I really miss bottom search box, but luckily I have mods to my browser so I can make results to appear in two or more columns and left sidebar disappear so I don't need to scroll up and down.

    All Google services seem to be going towards 'easy' to use, where easy means they decide what you want instead of being efficient tools, so I'm now finding things I don't look and would not care less, that causes me to look other search engines, other video upload site etc. I really don't care about social networking nature of youtube which it has ended up to, I'm just interested from information exhange, so that too seem to be going to wrong direction for me.

    I think that Google is now turning it's back to power users which were ones that put Google to it's current position in first place and that is really making it hard for me to support anything Google does.

    Of course these days majority of Internet users are overly social type as majority of people is such from my point of view, but probably I'm just antisocial from majority's point of view, so that is even, just would like to find tools, programs and services for power users that don't baby user like user would be incapable of thinking by himself, quite little is such anymore.
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Unfortunately it was proven a long time ago that people want to be lead around the internet instead of actually figuring out what needs to be done to find what they want. This was obvious with so many people buying into using AOL instead of actually using a real internet provider. Google has just figured it out and is going down the same road.
  3. I remember when I heard about AOL first time, we never had it here, but our ISPs did put their 'easy' installers to their cds which did cause more problems that really did help anything and indeed mr and ms averages kept using those discs here too.

    Luckily I found now a Duck, it is like what Google once used to be, small, efficient, fast does what you tell and it even says that it protects your privacy:

    I used to work as computer technician years some time ago and things I saw there did not really give me much hope of human kind to be getting next level any time soon :D