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Good racing wheel to start with?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Duddy, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. So I've been hanging around the fringes of the sim racing scene for a while (yay, Indianapolis 500!), but I've recently taken the first step towards actually being able to compete: building a computer that can play games made in the last ten years. However, I have rapidly discovered the limitations of my Logitech MK300 (guess what the M and K stand for!), and would like to take the next step: getting a racing wheel.
    However, looking at the prices for the G25 and G27, I don't think I really want to go that far - those cost more than half of what I paid for the PC! Are there any cheaper racing wheels ($50-$100?) that are still of decent quality, that would allow me to race at the level my questionable talent allows? Pedals and force feedback are a minimum, IMO... if there's nothing at that price, well, I guess I can stick with GeneRally...:frown:
  2. Logitech Driving Force GT

    Right in your price range. Good FFB, okay pedals, 900 degrees of rotation.
  3. I used to have a logitech momo, the black edition, that was a good wheel as well. I'm not sure if it is in your prize range.
  4. If you really want to improve your gaming experience, and it sounds like you do, I really encourage you to take the plunge and get a G25 or G27. Don't just go out and buy one but shop as prices can be all over the board and steals can be had. They're not that far out of your budget. Especially on used one's(Ebay, craigslist). Once you experience the quality and feel you won't miss a red penny, promise.

    Once you have gone that far these wheels can be modified as your budget and desire allows. How about a real Momo wheel? There are kits out there to make the wheel more sensitive and the FFB stronger. There are lots of different brake mods available too so you can make braking more realistic and consistent. The list goes on. You can add stuff to your equipment in pieces and eventually you'll have a wheel and pedals that is as good as something that costs 3 times as much.
  5. I really would love to get a G25, but I just can't afford something like that. The Driving Force GT looks like a good option, though... thanks!
  6. Driving Force GT is a VERY good wheel :) FFB is almost as good as G25 tbh, plenty of buttons, good build quality, downside is pedals are a bit averidge and so is shifter, but perfectly good tho. I reecommend it as a cheap, High quality wheel and more than capable of making top times, many 'aliens' still use em now :)
  7. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    I bought my momo for 50 bucks US and it's great. You can find them used on craigslist for under 50 very frequently, and I have seen them for as low as 25. For your first wheel, get a momo.

  8. I'm not sure if any of you guys actually looked at the prices of the G27. Thanks to Gran Turismo's announced release date, the price of this wheel has shot straight up to $299. This is rather insane and if I was taking the plunge, I would rather get a Fanatec for that money. The G27 is a great choice when it is at its normal price, which was around $220 US. I was going to get the wheel a few weeks back and decided to wait. Well, it seems I'm going to be waiting longer.

    Something that I'm curious about is whether you guys miss not having a clutch with the momo or the driving force pedals. Or, is it better to get the wheel for the sake of it beeing a physical wheel and pedals.
  9. 299 is still way cheaper than it is here. I've seen one for $400, but they're usually closer to 500.
  10. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    I have only gotten back into racing sims since the summer of this year. I used to fly jet sims long ago. I had all of the CH goodies, but no wheel. I found the momo for the cheap, and it's good for me. I'd like a clutch, but I have to make due without it. I'm fine right now as it is. I can't justify 300 or more for a new pedal setup. I have thought about the Thrustmaster RGT:


    I like a compact wheel. Too many are just too big for me. The RGT 3 pedal goes for around 70 bucks used. Other than an old, old (2000) logitech FFB wheel, I've only used my momo.

  11. I have a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT experience. I think it's a really good wheel for 50 bucks.
  12. Yeah, what a scam! I was looking at the G27 in September and they were ~$210USD from Amazon. Two months later they are at $269-$299. I think they were hoping to grab some extra bucks from the GT5 release.
  13. Yeah you always see that. :)
    But the DFGT is also a good wheel. But will also abit higher then normal because of GT5.
  14. DFGT=awesome wheel. People complain about the shifter buttons, but I actually like them. Reasonably well built, quiet, and more than enough buttons.
  15. 100% Argee, top wheel for little money, 900 degree rotation, excellent force feedback, plenty of buttons ..... cant go wrong for the price :)
  16. Sorry to drag this topic up, but my Driving Force GT is on its way (to my college and the desktop I have there)... thanks to everyone that recommended it!
  17. Nice one :)