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" gloves HD""

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by freeman2b, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. ;) hello !
    does anyone have files for the gloves of all teams in HD?

    thank :)
  2. Yes, here you go. No txt file, and do not recall the author. If you are here author, please reply :)
    I got it before racedepartment closed down the download function I guess.
    I have not tested them. You can have a look at them in Ryders Editor before using them, or take a backup ;)
    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?f9oecor99nn656y
  3. I have HD gloves (2011 teams) done by zeno dyk before this site had the big server change. I can upload that if you want?

    Just as long as it's clear that i am not taking credit for it though :p

    Yeah that is probably the zeno dyk ones i have :)

    pics here:
  4. Hi, it was probably "zeno dyk" then :)
  5. :) NICE !!!! merci beaucoup ! very thank !
  6. If i use this gloves, if i replace a helmet, will i lose gloves? I heard these are gloves+helmets but im not sure. THanks :)
  7. zeno dyk :(
  8. You probably will IKBZI. Helmets are located in the same files, but different areas in the same files.
    I do not know what you have, but if you use other helmets, I would install this package, and afterwards edit your own drivers helmet file and implement own helmet in the file that includes the gloves file. Both body and helmets (including gloves are parts of the files).
  9. I've got a pack of all the 2011 helmets and apart of that, hd gloves. Those mods:

    - [RDDev] Helmet's HD Compilation Pack 24 drivers.

  10. Example:
    The files mc1_tex_high_01.pssg and higtxt_jenson_button.pssg (both low and high quality) both contains BOTH helmet graphics AND body/face and the gloves.
    I think the only way for you is to merge your personal file for yourself, as if you install the gloves file, it also contains a helmet that logically overwrites your existing helmet.

    I would personally extract the images from them and use my own mc1_tex_high_01.pssg and higtxt_jenson_button.pssg and insert them into my own files with helmet, body and INCLUDE the glove part. In that way get a complete file that contains everything.

    UNLESS you get a package where you can see that it already contains your favorite helmet and gloves. Then you are home free. :)

    My personal opinion is that if a person do not feel like working with the graphics, and should choose from either a nice helmet or nice gloves, I would pick the helmet, as thats one that i visually most of the time. I know the gloves are visible but I do not personally look at my hands when I drive, I am all too focused on the road ahead.

    The one thing I am not sure about is the helmets in the "bespokehelmets" directory. Thats the third place helmets files are saved.
    You might have an option of saving your gloves files successfully if your helmet is chosen from "bespokehelmets" - someone else need to answer this one (?).
    otherwise I think you are forced to the above choices.

    Nice day
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