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Global statistics of the circuits

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Adrian Rodriguez, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Adrian Rodriguez

    Adrian Rodriguez

    Ey guys!

    I wonder if you could make some overall statistics of all circuits of the season, ie best time in pole, FL and winners. Currently there something in gpcos, but there are many different circuits (ie: Interlagos 2006,2007, 2011 ...) with their own records in each. The idea would be, as in real F1, have a lap record. I know that obviously can't be righteous because each season we change the physical, but also in F1 haven't the same cars every year. Idk if im explaning correctly...

    For example:


    Record lap: 1.25:984 [name] "flag" (year)

    Record Fastest Lap: 1.27:563 [name] "flag" (year)


    3 [name]
    2 [name]
    2 [name]
    1 [name]

    This could also be in the picture introduction to circuits (preload image)